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Switching to Windows 8? Better Not Get a Fitbit.

I’m currently using the Windows 8 Release Preview, and so far I’m impressed! Thus far I’ve had very few issues and really love the new interface (formerly named “Metro”). I’m very excited for the final version to be shipped to me by Microsoft. However, there’s one thing that consistently hasn’t worked for me on Windows 8 – my Fitbit software.

Right now when I try the account set up on my Fitbit software installed on Windows 8, it consistently, after I click “login” with my Fitbit account, redirects to a 404 not found page without logging me into the service. I’ve Googled and Googled, not seeing any solution to the problem. I can’t change the default browser it uses, assuming maybe it’s an IE 10 issue, so I can’t try to see if having it login to Chrome will fix the problem.

So I tried to email their support. Here’s the response they sent me:

“Hello Jesse,

We are sorry you are having problems with our software.

We’re aware that Windows 8 pre-release is available to the public. We do not yet formally support this environment and we do not plan to validate our software and device on Windows 8 until it is commercially released. However, once validated, we will update the product specifications page on our website.

Thanks for getting in touch we hope this helped you, if you have any more questions do not hesitate and reply us back.

Lis and the Fitbit Team”

That’s it. Not even willing to try to figure it out. If you use Windows 8 or are planning to use Windows 8 (or have pre-ordered like me), your Fitbit won’t work, and they’re not even planning for it. It seems odd to me that something as simple as authentication would even rely on the operating system or browser type to get you logged in, but I guess that’s their choice, and it’s my problem, not theirs.

I was very disappointed with the customer-no-service approach I received from Fitbit. I will very likely be selling my 2 Fitbits and Aria Scale soon, in favor of the Nike+ system. I’ve also been very surprised of all the responses I’ve received on Twitter and elsewhere of the poor customer service they’ve received from Fitbit. Sorry Fitbit, but you’ve very likely lost this customer.

2 thoughts on “Switching to Windows 8? Better Not Get a Fitbit.

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  2. Old article but I thought I'd point this out. “we do not plan to validate our software and device on Windows 8 until it is commercially released.”
    nowhere does it say it would never work. They just say they won't support it during the pre release. Please revisit and update your article since yours is on the top of a google search for fitbit windows 8.

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