The Stay N Alive Story

Stay N Alive started out as Stay N Alive Productions back in 2008, when our founder, Jesse Stay, began developing and consulting how to build some of the top and most viral applications on Facebook. Clients would reach out to him, asking to help their apps grow. Jesse used some of his experience working with Facebook, Inc. and the launch of Facebook Connect in applying some of those ideas into the apps and products his clients wanted to grow. Since then, Jesse has grown the business, expanding beyond just software development and consulting to an entire digital advertising and growth agency. Our clients see consistent growth in the millions of fans and leads, all focused on our top core principle: social media CAN be measured!

Our Core Principles

At Stay N Alive we believe social media can be measured! When we meet with you we will first establish your core business goals and in most cases, how you make money. We will then work with you to establish a plan and integrate the necessary metrics and analytics to track a consumer, fan, or website visitor from your Facebook, Twitter account, Instagram account, Pinterest account, or other social media channel all the way to when they purchase from a website, mobile app, email, or even offline (like your retail stores!). We are data geeks at the core, and without this data and understanding what needs to change you can’t grow!

We consider ourselves an “unagency” – we aren’t your typical suit and tie agency! We like to look at ourselves as a bit of New York and a LOT of Silicon Valley!

At Stay N Alive we are growth hackers to the core, and whether you need someone to create content for your social media channels, draft a newsletter or blog strategy, integrate an email and marketing automation strategy, AdWords, or Facebook or Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram ads strategy, we are laser-focused on driving sales and growth for your business or organization. We do not feel successful unless you’re growing in your core business goals, and we want to track how social media and digital marketing channels are affecting that! Unlike many of our competitors we truly care and believe that we can show you how social media is affecting your bottom line – we believe this is the future, and how you survive on social media.

At Stay N Alive, let us show you the future of marketing!

Happy Clients and Supporters

You my friend are worth every penny



Peter Hollens

Jesse is one of the smartest folks in social-- with impressive all-around knowledge and deep heart. Even the folks at Facebook and Google call on him for help on their own products!



Dennis Yu


Jesse truly embodies the developer entrepreneur. His passion is in building things (in his case, social media-based products), but he understand what it takes to turn that passion into a business.



Ben Parr

Managing Editor,, Octane AI

Jesse is smart in ways I’ll never be, and discovers things I’ll never find. If you want to take your digital marketing to the next level, he can make it happen.

Jay Baer
Jesse Stay

Jesse Stay

Founder & Principal

A 9-time published author and speaker on the subjects of Facebook, Google+, and other digital technologies, Jesse is truly one of the pioneers in social media, digital media, and growth hacking. Having worked for Facebook itself, Jesse understands how to build and grow a business inside and out using social media. He has also built platforms serving the likes of Pepsi Co., MC Hammer, and Britney Spears, and even led and built worldwide, international social media strategies and programs for the LDS Church (Mormons).  Jesse believes data always come first, and that you can truly measure the effects of social media on your business.

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McKenzie McRae

McKenzie McRae

Social Media Content and Strategy

McKenzie first interned with Stay N Alive Productions in June of 2015. She has now graduated from LDS Business College with her degree in Social Media Marketing. She has done social media marketing for causes such as Operation Underground Railroad, Grace House, and Engage Now Africa. McKenzie’s passion is to take a product, service, or cause that she is confident will create good, then utilize her skills in marketing it to the world.

Let us show YOU the future of digital marketing!