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USAA Shows How Americans Make Software With New iPhone App

USAAI’ve been a proud member of USAA since I was old enough to drive.  The organization, originally a car insurance company for members of the military, veterans, and their families, has always offered some of the best customer service on the planet, and unbeatable prices.  My automobile insurance has always been through them.  I’ve had a mortgage through them, and I do all my personal banking through them.  They simply have the best rates and best service around.  As the grandchild of a World War II hero, I feel spoiled in this way.

Just a few weeks ago the bank held up to its standard and became one of the first of its kind, in this time where banks are struggling to cut costs and stay afloat, to provide an iPhone app just for its customers.  They did not skimp on what you could do with it either!


Simple Banking

The usefulness of the app starts with the banking.  I now have an instant ATM, right in my pocket where I can transfer funds, check my bank account balances, pay bills and more all with the touch of a button.  If it would only spit out cash!

Check Scanning and Deposit via the iPhone

The coolest feature, a feature long-since available on USAA’s website, is the ability to take pictures of your checks and deposit them right there on the spot.  When I get a check, depositing the check is as simple as snapping a picture of both sides of the check with my iPhone’s camera, entering the total, and hitting submit!  Now there’s never any risk of having a check returned, as you can verify it’s legit right there on the spot!  Never has depositing money ever been so easy.

Accident Checklist

Ever get in an accident and not sure what to do?  USAA’s iPhone app gives you an accident checklist you can pull out of your pocket if you’re ever in an automobile accident, telling you what to do, step-by-step.  In addition, they provide the ability to store notes for your accident, and even pictures using your iPhones camera.


ATM Locator

Even though the iPhone doesn’t dispense cash, you have nothing to worry.  With USAA’s iPhone app you can, with a click of a button, know exactly where the nearest ATM is to you.  Clicking a button to use the iPhone’s GPS and notify it of your position pinpoints where the nearest ATM is and how to get to it.  You can even call the owning bank if you need directions.  And don’t forget – USAA members never have to pay ATM fees because the bank reimburses them!


The app also allows members to trade within their investment accounts with the company.  Selecting the account you can handle all your investments and trade right on the spot.

I’ve always been proud to be a USAA member because it makes me feel American.  Not only does it remind me of the service my Grandfather gave to this country years ago, but it reminds me that America is about competition, helping one another out, and innovation.  USAA has made me proud to be an American with this application.  I only wish my other banks could be so American.

If you’re a former member of the military, member of the military, dependant of military, or dependant of another USAA member, let me know in the comments and I’d be happy to share how you too can join and get these great benefits.  Or, just tell me your story about being American and we can all celebrate your service together!