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Kill Those Quiz Apps With Facebook’s New Create Applications API

FacebookOkay, the last post was a little technical.  I’m going to try it from a different perspective.  Here’s the real news, and maybe I misunderstood the entire purpose of the new API (although the benefits I stated would be useful to me).  Facebook just made it possible, for some applications (although details are still vague), for users to block all child applications of the parent application.  So now instead of having to block every single quiz you see, you can now block the parent application and you’ll never have to see another quiz from your friends again.  Rejoice!  From the Wiki post:

“Occasionally, parent applications generate so many child applications that users are unable to effectively control the volume of stories – which is why the ability to hide all quiz applications is one our top user requests. As a result, we are experimenting with giving users the ability to hide all the children of a parent application, for only those applications where there is a significant, demonstrated user demand for such a function.”

This means potentially you, the user, have the ability now to hide those pesky Quiz and other similar applications.  Facebook has been vague on what applications they will apply to (and I expect they won’t tell), but it would seem that some users will start seeing this soon.  I, for one, am rejoicing.