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How to Get Notified When People Talk About Your Website on Google+

Want a notification any time someone comments or posts about your website on Google+? You can do this with Google Analytics:

1. Go to the “Traffic Sources” section of Google Analytics for your website
2. Expand the “Social” sub-section.
3. Click on “Sources”.
4. Click on the “Activity Stream” tab next to the “Social Referral” tab

Now you’ll have a list of everyone posting and commenting about your website on Google+. You just need to create an email alert. To do this:

1. At the top of the page, click the “Email” link (next to “Advanced Segments”).
2. Select the attachment type you want.
3. Choose how frequently you want to be notified (I choose “Daily” – it would be nice if they had an “Immediately” option).
4. Designate an email address for who will receive the report.

5. Enter some text into the body of the email that you want to appear in each email you receive.

Click “Send”, and you’ll soon be receiving notifications of every person that links to your website from Google+!

This #dummiestip will be in Chapter 13 of Google+ Marketing For Dummies