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Why Kara Swisher is More Wrong About Wronger

nails on a chalkboardSlow news day?  Let’s let aside the whole “Web 3.0” vs. “2010 Web” Debate.  They’re all just terms after all, right?  Let’s focus on something a little more important, like the fact that an established journalist like Kara Swisher can’t use correct grammar in her titles.  Let’s look at the definition of “Wronger”:

“One who wrongs someone; One who commits a wrong; Comparative form of wrong: more wrong”

Keep in mind that the only definition of “wronger” provided by Google was that one, by, something many would hardly consider a credible dictionary.  However in this case, even their definition states Kara is completely wrong on this matter.

What’s the deal with bloggers, journalists, and marketers feeling it’s okay all-of-the-sudden to relax their use of grammar?  These guys all have editors that check their work, and I wouldn’t hesitate to think they have all had much more English training than I have.  I mean, even Apple’s doing it – what’s with the whole “Funner” theme?  Does that terminology make it sound “more fun”?  To me, it just makes them look stupid.

I hope Kara’s use was just tongue-in-cheek, but let’s stop this practice.  It’s simply wrong.