December 2007 – Stay N Alive

Twitter Updates for 2007-12-31

  • Tempted to try to trust Time Machine, do a fresh, clean install of Leopard (on an upgrade now), and see if that fixes my problems. #
  • Wish me luck – all backed up, trying a fresh install, then time machine to restore the files I need. #
  • sigh…dealing with a bug in the Twitter API that is keeping my auto_follow script from working fully. #
  • Thinking TimeMachine for Leopard is totally cool right now with my Old system fully restored on top of a fresh install #

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Twitter Updates for 2007-12-29

  • w00t thanks to Catalyst, has full authentication and authorization in a matter of hours. #
  • is hiring! Are you a developer-type that can wear multiple hats? Contact me. #
  • Congrats to @starryeyed for being my 150th follower! #
  • out in the freezing cold replacing my alternator #
  • Eating dinner at macaroni grill with @rebeccastay #

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Twitter Updates for 2007-12-28

  • Nothing like fixing the car in the freezing cold #
  • I’m off to the Utah geek dinner at Taj India – save me a seat! #
  • @jeffbarr thanks! They all say hi. ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • @rebeccastay do you want me to pick you up some? #
  • @jasonalba and I are looking for a subtitle for our book, “I’m on Facebook — Now What???” Do you have any suggestions? #
  • Using Social Networking to translate your website – I love this idea!: #
  • @scobleizer have you seen this?: #
  • @scobleizer I’m *way* behind on my rss! Gotta catch up. #
  • which do you like better for Blog editing on your Mac?: Ecto or MarsEdit? Any other recommendations? #
  • @sashib on their developers mailing list they said their hosting facility they just got moved off of is having issues #

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Twitter Updates for 2007-12-27

  • Just found a pic of the computer I learned to program on – oh the memories! #
  • Having fun with @jrockway’s new Catalyst book that I got for Christmas #
  • Just 3 more Twitter followers to 150! #
  • Utah Geek dinner tonight: #
  • Shame on Twitter for not providing authentication tokens in their API – they require you pass a user’s plaintext username and password #
  • Shame on Nintendo for only allowing WEP on the DS – does anyone care about security these days? #
  • @janole that still doesn’t give me a secure way to store a user’s twitter authentication on my servers #
  • Woah target already has valentines day candy #
  • beware – any application you enter your twitter username and password on that isn’t Twitter is storing your Twitter password in PLAIN TEXT #
  • Of course, that is the only option I’m left with on my app ๐Ÿ™ #
  • @barl0w for my DS, I think what I’m going to do is set up a separate, non-secure subnet for things like this #

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Twitter Updates for 2007-12-26

  • @MarinaMartin you should be proud that @rebeccastay got flannel for Christmas – she thinks it’s so comfortable! #
  • reading “My Startup Life”, by Ben Casnocha (one of my Christmas presents, so far very good!) #
  • @wardspan is at 99 followers – give him one more for a happy new year! #
  • crap – I missed my 2,000’th update (seems like a lot of people hit that today)! The one on “My start up life” was my 2,000th. #
  • @MarinaMartin what’s his nick on Twitter? Not sure if I do… ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • @windley, @ladanea that just means I’m annoying ๐Ÿ˜‰ #
  • Welcome @bencasnocha, the reason for my 2,000th tweet ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • eating dark-chocolate-covered cherries, watching the original Hairspray on TV, and working on #
  • My Geeky Christmas: #
  • @marinamartin it was a scooba – its a little noisy but overall we love it! @rebeccastay mopped before and it still got more dirt #
  • @windley congrats! Is this your first one? Do you have any more to go? #

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A Geeky Christmas

So, after a wonderful Christmas with the family – time well spent with kids, my wife, and in-laws, I find myself reflecting back over the last day and realizing how much of a geek I really am. Here are some of the Geek Christmas gifts seen around the Stay household this Christmas:

Scooba floor sweeper/Cleaner – This was a gift from myself to my wife – I got a super deal off for this, and I’m quite proud of it. We’re still trying to decide if I’m enjoying this more, the kids are enjoying it more, or my wife is enjoying it more. For me, it’s just fun watching it almost go down the stairs, then at the last minute realize it’s stairs and turn around – this thing is so smart! For my wife, it gets dirt off her floor she never even knew was there! For my kids, it’s just another pet, even seems to have a personality. We’ve named it “Lionel”, our new indentured servant.

Nintendo DS – We finally got one of these for the kids, along with the game, “Nintendogs”, and “Brain Age Academy”. I tell you – Brain Age Academy will put you in your place if you think you’re already smart. Overall I really like this gift (the DS) – it has built-in Wifi that allows you to play with your friends over the internet and download your own games, a microphone, and the games for it are really cheap! The only thing I hate about it is now I want another one for myself!

Lego Star Wars – the Complete Saga for the Xbox 360 – I love this series. It allows you to play more than one player at a time, which is great for my kids. There is no blood – the worst that ever happens is you chop off an occasional lego head, but it ensures to make fun of the fact that you’re just dealing with Lego figures. It’s also a lot of fun for adults, and you can play with your kids!

Rock Band for the Xbox 360 – This is my favorite gift. I like it for the drums. You can customize your own character, and tour the world, or get your whole family or friends together and form your own band. My kids are a bit too young to be effective at it, but they still have a lot of fun. The great thing about the Xbox 360 version (I can’t vouch for the others) is you can download new songs straight from Xbox Live Marketplace.

Tamagotchi – This was my daughter’s gift. She has two of them, and essentially they are little digital animals you can put on a key chain, backpack, or necklace. You take care of them, pet them, feed them, play with them, and you can even put them together and they can play with each other. I’m told that when you put the boys and girls together they even make babies! This is a great toy if you want to teach your child how to take care of an animal or pet.

Ben Casnocha’s “My Startup Life” – I’ve only started reading this, but thus far I really enjoy it. It goes over how Ben Casnocha started his own dot-com business at age 12, and the successes and failures he experienced while doing it. He shares what to do and what not to do when starting your own business, and goes over the things every startup should consider. It is very inspiring, being the entrepreneur that I am. Every Geek needs to learn the principles taught in this book to best monetize the skills they have.

Beyond the gifts, my Christmas Eve started with my kids tracking Santa on Google Earth at (that was a huge hit!), followed by many Tweets from all over the world about the experiences others were having on Christmas. While we had many other great geeky toys, from the traditional Star Wars figurines, to a digital microscope that hooks up to the TV, the above gifts were my favorite that I think all my readers should check out.

Twitter Updates for 2007-12-24

  • @Illig it’s called, “I’m on Facebook — Now What???”. We’ll have pre-order versions available very soon. #
  • @MarinaMartin another feature you should look into is Facebook Friends grouping. I think rather than using 2 profiles I’m just going to … #
  • experiencing something completely new with the Facebook toolbar: #
  • Counting down the minutes until @rebeccastay gets home! #
  • @MarinaMartin I agree. It only solves one problem. I have a feeling they’ll eventually utilize those friend groups more though. #
  • trying to figure out Chained Actions in Catalyst for Perl #
  • Waiting in line for a honey-baked turkey #
  • @juliaroy I think Picasaweb’s cheaper for what you get, and it integrates well with picasa – I like the interface better, too #
  • Working on a new Twitter and Facebook companion site,… #
  • @octalmage announcement forthcoming – it’s very simple, actually #
  • Facebook Toolbar, my new friend: #
  • Have a Merry, Social Christmas!!!: #

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Have a Merry, Social Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my Stay N’ Alive readers! May your Christmas be a safe, comfortable, social, and happy Christmas. May your Christmas not be like the drunk guy that drove his car into my house the other day (he was okay, so is the house):

On a related note, is your Facebook app using this? (yes, I’ve confirmed it is a real tag!):