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Xydo Pivots to a New, Targeted B2B Content Model for Your Business Newsletter

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you clicked on a link from my newsletter to get it. If you didn’t, go over to the right column of my blog and subscribe now! (or just click here) One thing I haven’t been able to divulge until now is that there’s an innovative company that I’ve been using to provide these weekly emails that provide customized news from my social news streams, and today they launched to the world. Today, a company I advise, Xydo, pivoted to a pure B2B model that provides custom, automated email news for a business’s customers based on content it is trained to provide.

Previously, Xydo was a consumer-facing product that learned from your social presence and the things you read, providing a customized news feed similar to Digg, or Reddit, for your consumption in a way that was tailored and customized to predict what each individual user would like. Today, Xydo leveraged their targeted news consumption platform, and built a way for businesses to leverage that customized news format to build simple, automated, and customized newsletters that adapt based on the interests of their subscribers and customers.

The way it works is simple – you customize your newsletter, based on social feeds you can configure based on your audience, and it then does the work for you. It determines the most relevant content for your audience, tracks clicks and reads of that content, and adapts your newsletter from week to week based on the things your audience is most interested in.

The result is a highly targeted newsletter that increases clicks by up to 5 times your normal click rate, and 300% more shares on social networks. I’ve seen this personally on my own weekly newsletter.

If you’re in need of providing a customized, targeted, newsletter for your users or customers, go check out the new now.

If you write about it, let me know! I’ll be including links back to all relevant articles below:

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Getting Relevant News With the Stay N Alive Newsletter

As you know, I love tech news. I’ve shared, on this blog, of my love of Google Reader and subscribing to news in various places around the web. I follow and subscribe to thousands of interesting tech people around the web. I get inside news on what’s coming and what’s happening in the industry, and I share what I can, when I can. Many of you have asked how you can get a sample of all the news I share, in all the places I share it. It’s difficult to follow me in every place I am, and I don’t expect anyone to do so. That’s why today I’m launching a new newsletter for those that want to get the most interesting news highlights from everything I share during the week.

If you look up in the top header, you’ll see a new “Newsletter” tab. Click on that, and you can enter your name and email address to subscribe. It’s also on the left navbar of this blog.

I’m really excited for this – finally I have a way to get you the best news I can provide on a weekly basis, and you won’t miss anything you don’t need to. For those that are already subscribed to this blog by email, you’ll automatically get it – go ahead and click the unsubscribe link in the news email if you don’t want it (don’t worry, you’ll still get my blog posts from this blog). For everyone else, just fill out the form and you’re subscribed!

The first issue goes out on Tuesday, and you’ll get it weekly from then on. Let me know what you think! I can’t wait to finally be able to share with you my favorite news highlights from around the web.