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Forget the Economy – The Burns Family Needs Your Help!

phil2.pngThe economy’s in bad shape right now. Let’s put it a little in perspective – it could be a lot worse, and that’s the situation the Burns family is in right now. I was just contacted by my former colleague, Phil Burns, and he sounded quite troubled. I could hear the concern and worry in his voice. He notified me that one of his twins, Teran, recently had an appendectomy and was experiencing complications from Hemmoraging. He said there’s a strong risk of death.

For those that don’t remember, Phil and his family just in the last year experienced and are experiencing another setback with their daughter who was diagnosed with Leukemia. I’m told the circumstances are still difficult with her. So now, instead of the unimaginable one child with a strong risk of death in their family, the Burns are now experiencing the very immediate possibility of two children dying in their family.

I asked Phil how we could help, and he asked that we pray. If you could join me, I would sincerely appreciate your help. In addition, please feel free to leave your thoughts for the family below and I’ll be sure they get them. You can also follow Phil on his blog at http://phil801.com/wpblog/. Or Adria, his wife on her blog at http://www.chezadria.com. I won’t expect to hear much from them, as they obviously have much greater priorities to attend to.

Phil and Adria are prominent members of our blogging and Twitter community which have been set-back over the last year due to these amazing trials. Let’s continue showing them our support! You can help by re-blogging and re-tweeting the message about them – let’s unite behind this family and help them out. Phil and Adria – we’re thinking of you!