June 2006 – Stay N Alive

JesseStay.com it is!

Well, forget unclejesse.org – I just discovered (accidentally) unclejesse.com is a porn site. I’d hate others to come upon it accidentally so I’m going to just stick with jessestay.com and the theme of “Stay N’ Alive”. The Slogan contest still goes, and bonus points if you can come up with a good logo with a “Stay N’ Alive” theme.

Slogan Contest

I’m going to resubmit the rss link for this to openclue. My apologies if this spams openclue on first post there. It should not keep spamming though.

Soon you will be accessing this site through unclejesse.org. I am going to start a contest. In the comments section, please submit your entries for the UncleJesse.org slogan contest. It needs to be something catchy that will appear with the title of the site, and definitely something Uncle Jesse (from Dukes of Hazzard) related. If you want to submit a logo to go with it, bonus points!

Winner gets me to share my backcountry.com employee discount with them – they get to select one item from backcountry.com within the next 6 months, and I’ll give them cost+10% (my employee discount) on the item. Winner must purchase through me and leave a review for the item on backcountry.com when purchased. Submit your entries by July 4th, 2006!

First Post!

I’m trying out a new blog, yes, on Ruby. It is *very* superior in Web 2.0 technology to most blog software I’ve seen out there. So far I’m *very* impressed!

No, I’m not getting rid of Jeens. I’m just moving to a more Agile approach of focusing on smaller components at a time. Eventually, perhaps a complete system will come into place, but at least this way we will have the components for Jeens released a lot faster. For now, I may as well use a working blog until I can prove Jeens is better.

Up, Again…

Well, after FC5 bombed on me after an upgrade, I decided FC5 was a little too
advanced for my server. I decided the best distro for having an older server
would be Gentoo, so I gave it a try. After 1 week from initial install, here
I am. I have to say, it’s a bit too much maintenance for me to handle on a
server, however I think it’s the only solution for this server – as a PII it’s
just getting too old for newer distros.