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One More Thing…

In addition to the Twitter Bowl results today, we also launched the ability to comment on SocialToo SocialSurveys over on the SocialToo blog today. Similar to the way TwitPic comments work, this means your followers can now comment on each of your SocialToo SocialSurveys right on the survey itself, and have their response go out to their Twitter followers as well, guaranteeing even more exposure for your SocialSurveys. This is just one of many updates we’ll be rolling out over the coming weeks. Try it out and let me know what you think!

SocialToo Announces SocialSurveys!

socialtoo_logo.jpgI’ve been talking about the “next new feature” of SocialToo for awhile now. Tonight, in a partnership with Guy Kawasaki of AllTop and Garage Technology Ventures, announced the release of SocialSurveys, a viral way of polling your followers in a very easy manner. Here’s how it works:

  • You go to and register if you have not done so already – you must provide your Twitter credentials to get the most out of it (other services will be added soon)
  • Click “Create Survey” to get started
  • Add your question and some answers
  • Leave “Send a URL for this SocialSurvey to your Twitter friends” checked if you want to send out an update on Twitter. This posts an update automatically, with the question in the content, followed by the URL to your SocialSurvey to Twitter.
  • It redirects to the survey – you can then use this URL to send to any other friends you want to see it.

In addition to SocialSurvey creation, you can also subscribe to the surveys your friends create via RSS. To do so, when you log into SocialToo, click on the RSS icon, or the link that says “Click to add (your name)’s surveys to your RSS Reader”. Add that to your RSS Feed Reader and you’ll now get every survey that user posts. It should also be noted that you can post your own surveys to FriendFeed through this method. With all this, SocialSurveys could be compared to “TwitPic, for Surveys”. You can see all my surveys here, and add them to your RSS reader via this link.

SocialSurveys top out an existing feature set that is yet to be beat amongst other individual tool providers. Existing features include:

  • Automatically follow those that follow you on Twitter and, with no effort or e-mail rules to set up on your part.
  • Specify users to “blacklist” and exclude from the auto-following
    Automatically unfollow those that unfollow you on Twitter – this improves your ratio of followers to following, improving your ranking on sites such as TwitterGrader.
  • Send direct messages to your new followers on Twitter.
  • Get daily e-mails with statistics surrounding who follows and unfollows you during the day, including your last Tweet when they followed or unfollowed you, similar to Qwitter.
  • When you provide your Facebook credentials, redirects to your Facebook profile, giving you a short, easy-to-remember URL to give your friends to point them to your Facebook profile. You can visit my Facebook profile via

With the launch of SocialSurveys, SocialToo is poised to be at the fore-front of providing all the tools you need to stay on top of the Social Networks you belong to. With current integration points into Twitter,, and Facebook, and plans to add many more in the future, SocialToo is set to be your one-stop shop to being “Your Companion to the Social Web”. Expect more tools and features very soon!

You can see screenshots, and an excellent write-up over at