Jesse Stay

Founder & CEO – StayNAlive
Growth Architect and Digital Marketing Executive
Author, Professor on Social Media Advertising and Advocacy

Did we mention that Jesse is an author?

About Jesse

Hi – I’m Jesse Stay! As a 9-time author on social media marketing and techonology books and former professor of social media advertising and advocacy, I founded Stay N Alive as an answer to multiple requests by companies wanting a very unique strategy to growing their audiences through digital and social media marketing.

As a software developer in my original days, I consulted and helped build some of the top apps on Facebook. I actually worked for Facebook and helped develop some of the original documentation for Fortune 50 companies to integrate their websites and apps into Facebook Connect. Companies saw this talent and before I knew it they were asking me how they could grow their Facebook, Twitter, and other audiences. I combined my knowledge of APIs, data, and pixels to begin building unique strategies for growth and focus on conversion goals to success for clients, and before I knew it Stay N Alive was born! This is my baby and my dream – I want to show you the future of marketing!

In 2008 I embraced the “Facebook developer dream” by building apps, and helping companies build apps on the newly-released platform for developers. Before I knew it I was helping out some of the top apps on Facebook, and even spent time building the developer documentation for Facebook during the launch of Facebook Connect. I even developed initial design specs for We’re Related, which made it to number one in the app store (yes, there used to be an app store on Facebook!). Soon, I was being asked to help companies grow their audiences using my deep knowledge of social media.

Around 2009, I built an app called, built as a solution to help brands grow their Twitter audience and following. We built tools to help brands grow, and produced some of the first analytics for Twitter showing how many, and who were following the brands utilizing our service. Our customers included @pepsico, @brittneyspears, and even @mchammer!

I spent 3 years kicking off and running all social media initiatives for the LDS Church, including not only the religious elements during what Newsweek defined “The Mormon Moment” with the candidacy of Mitt Romney, launch of The Book of Mormon Musical, and launch of the “I’m a Mormon” campaign, but I also helped launched social channels for Brigham Young University (BYU), the online bookseller owned by the Church, the real estate developments of City Creek Mall, and the International growth initiatives throughout Asia and Eastern Europe and Africa. I even led the launch of and growth of over 20 million followers and 1 million pageviews within its first month of launch through our unique growth technique and use of “Passion Pages”, or verticals within social media branding channels.


I was named by Mashable as one of 20 Developers to Follow, and one of 10 Essential Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter. I have been regularly featured on Techcrunch, Mashable, Venturebeat, Readwrite, AdWeek, Forbes, USA Today, The New York Times, and other publications. I designed and taught LDS Business College’s SMM160 Social Media Advertising and Advocacy course, and have written 9 books on the topic. I have written numerous online courses on social media marketing. Much of my writing, blogging, and teaching has lead to what many of my own competitors are using to grow their clients. And I will continue pioneering new techniques to grow my clients!

If I haven’t convinced you yet, contact me at – I’d love to give you a half hour consultation and show you how we might help your brand grow!

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Jesse speaks internationally, writes books, performs webinars and coaches individuals, businesses, and organizations looking to take their marketing to that next level using social, digital media and other techniques. Jesse likes to show everyone in his audience that anyone can be a marketer, and grow audiences and revenue through those unique techniques he’s not shy about sharing! Jesse’s background as a pioneer in this industry provides numerous stories and experiences that will be sure to entertain, and enlighten any audience!

Jesse doesn’t just talk the talk – he also walks the walk when it comes to social media growth! Jesse has over 800,000 followers across all of his social media channels, and also reviews both tech and gardening gadgets. He appears monthly on Fox 13’s The Place to show off his favorite gadgets, and you can watch those on His overall message is that we are living in the future, and he likes to show off the technologies that display this most promptly throughout his channels. He also works with brands to incorporate the advertising talents of Stay N Alive to further amplify these messages for those willing to sponsor, a unique offering very few influencers are offering. He likes to focus on true conversions for his sponsors, and applies both marketing, and influencer talent and resources to do that. Be sure to book Jesse to speak at your next event, or even sponsor his channels! You can inquire more by contacting him at!


Jesse’s Clients, Advisory Roles, and Former Clients Include, among others:

  • Facebook, Inc.
  • Myspace, Inc.
  • (owned by Blogtalkradio)
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Pluralsight
  • FamilyLink
  • i.TV
  • JumpStart
  • OpenID Foundation
  • PeopleBrowser (now Kred)
  • Fluid Studios
  • Operation Underground Railroad
  • Fight the New Drug
  • Spark Naturals
  • Jay Baer and Convince & Convert
  • Peter Hollens
  • Scott & Brendo

Jesse’s Speaking Roles Include:

  • Keynote Speaker – LDS SORT Conference
  • Keynote Speaker – Nevada Interactive Media Summit, Reno, Nevada
  • Keynote Speaker – TMeetup, San Francisco, CA
  • Keynote Speaker – LDS America West Public Affairs Conference, Fremont, CA
  • TYPO3 Conference, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Social Media Marketing World, San Diego, CA
  • Facebook Success Summit
  • Social Media Success Summit
  • Small Business Success Summit
  • Next Level Hawaii, Honolulu, HI
  • Brigham Young University Hawaii, Honolulu, HI
  • Dallas Chamber of Commerce CIO Symposium, Dallas, TX
  • Silicon Valley Web Builders Inside Facebook Event, San Francisco, CA
  • Ignite Salt Lake City
  • O’Reilly Author Webinars
  • Safari Books Online Author Webinars
  • Panel, Utah Technology Council
  • Panel, Utah Global Entrepreneurship Week Conference
  • Guest Judge, Bebo’s B.E.S.T. Developer Contest, San Francisco, CA
  • Panel, Social Media Club alongside Frank Eliason ( @comcastcares)
  • PhotoCamp Utah
  • Brigham Young University, Sundance, UT
  • Panel, TMeetup Alongside Ben Parr from Mashable, Doug Williams and Ryan Sarver from Twitter and others in Silicon Valley
  • BlogWorld Expo, Las Vegas, NV
  •’s RootsTech Conference


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