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I’m Starting a Podcast – Come Join Me Tomorrow!

Stay N' Alive The Social GeekI’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and go forward with a dream I’ve had for awhile.  Monday (today), June 8, 2009 at 8:30PM MST I’ll be recording my first, yet-to-be-named podcast under the Stay N’ Alive Productions umbrella.  We’ll broadcast the recording live on Ustream on my SocialGeek channel at http://ustream.tv/channel/thesocialgeek.  You can chat during the broadcast in the StayNAlive room on FriendFeed (you are subscribed, right?), or via IRC or Twitter right on the Ustream site.  I’ve set up a thread just for this show on FriendFeed, and you can begin chat below (and witness the power of FriendFeed at the same time).

I am still working out the exact focus of the show, but the general direction will be learning about and discussing new and early-adopter technologies in the tech space.  Much of what you read from me here and on LouisGray.com will be similar to what you can expect to hear in the PodCast.  The difference will be you get to see live examples, hear from experts other than myself, gather some great discussion, and witness the real-time web in action!  This will be a true real-time web experience, and should be fun to participate.

The guests for our first show are two good friends of mine, and very smart Geeks, the esteemed Louis Gray, author and Editor of LouisGray.com, a blog for early adopters and very well known, especially in Silicon Valley.  Louis advises for my company, SocialToo, amongst several other up-and-coming web ventures.  He’s one of the smartest web technologists I know.  I’ve also extended him an open invitation to join us on any future show he would like to be a part of, so we’ll see if we get to see more of him.

Joining Louis, local Salt Lake City Anchor and Tech Reporter of Fox’s KSTU Channel 13 here, Kirk Yunke, will be bringing his enthusiasm for new gadgets and technology to the show.  Kirk is leaps and bounds ahead of many other News reporters I’ve come in contact with, and just the other day spent the night as the first in line to get a Palm Pre.  He’s going to share with us his opinion of the Pre, maybe show off a little, and hopefully we can get a little insight into the pros and cons of the device.

Tomorrow is the Apple WWDC Keynote, so we’ll spend the second half of the show discussing that and the things announced there, along with any other interesting things that have come up over the last week.  This should be a fun episode, and I’m very excited to get this started in what I hope to be many more fun Episodes of the future.  I intend to make this a weekly Podcast, so stay tuned to the Stay N’ Alive FriendFeed room for more details on future episodes.

UPDATE: Be sure to take the SocialToo SocialSurvey to vote on a name for the podcast!