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Does Facebook Finally Have T-Shirts?

n11204705797_649885_5738.pngFor those that regularly read my blog, you’re blatently aware of my weird annoyance that I can’t seem to get my hands on an official Facebook T-Shirt. My Friend Rodney had to purchase one off the back of a waiter at F8 in order to get his hands on one – that’s how hard they are to come up with. Dave Morin has said they’re coming soon.

Could a recent announcement on the Facebook Engineering blog be a signal that Facebook finally has T-shirts to give away or for purchase by others? Facebook just today announced the 11th annual Hackathon for their internal developers. Who cares about that news though. What’s most important about the announcement is that as part of that they’re offering the opportunity for outside developers and users to offer suggestions for their developers to work on. The top 10 suggestions earn free Facebook T-Shirts.

Dave Morin or David Swain or others there at Facebook, does this mean I’ll be able to purchase myself a Facebook T-Shirt soon??? Please? Pretty Please?