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Finally! Twitter Adds an Official "Twitter" Account

twitter.pngToday Twitter announced the creation of an official “twitter” account on Twitter. This update has been a long time coming – other companies are doing it – why hasn’t Twitter all this time?

I brought up multiple times on the Twitter developer mailing list that Twitter needs to add an official “Tom” of Twitter that people can follow and get official Twitter updates from. Such a user would allow Twitter to let users know why there was slowness in the service and post about new blog updates (I just learned that Twitter actually has 2 blogs – a company blog and a development blog).

It’s good to see Twitter adopting this practice – this is one way Twitter will be able to better manage their reputation and keep others informed of service outages and updates to the system. I just hope they have given this user priority over other updates on the service so it can get messages out during slow times.

You can follow the “twitter” user here.

UPDATE: I’ve since learned from the comments of that post that there is a “twitter_status” user as well – the difference of the two, I’m unsure. Care to share your thoughts?