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Wanna Launch Something at BlogWorld? Pitch Louis Gray (Here’s Why)

lgThe inside joke at BlogWorld is that while the entire blogosphere is at BlogWorld Expo in Vegas partying and learning about blogging, the entire Blogosphere goes silent.  This year, that silence is even more deafening as ReadWriteWeb is running their Real-time Summit in San Francisco and any of the remaining bloggers are there, “tweeting” away the events of the week.  Robert Scoble even joked, “There is NOTHING more boring than a blog about blogging. Well, except one thing: a blog about a blogging conference. So, see ya on Twitter!” This is a nightmare for anyone trying to pitch a blogger this week and get any serious attention towards their product at such an ironic time.  I have one tip: Pitch Louis Gray.

Yesterday Louis Gray wrote an inspiring post titled, “Hey Bloggers, Step Away from the Twitter for a Second… and Blog“.  In the post he talked about this very phenomena and the fact that the blogosphere actually does go silent.  He’s right!

In the meantime, Louis has cranked out a total of 3 blog posts since just last night and as I sit next to him at @drew’s cancer panel he is cranking out even more blog posts about various web topics and the panels he is attending.  This is a man who wants, and likes to write!  If there’s anyone you should be pitching this week it should be him, because you will actually get a real write up, instead of a 140 character Tweet.

Expect to see more blog posts from me as well this week – this whole “Tweeting” BWE09 is unproductive and unfruitful.  I’ve got some really cool announcements I’m sitting on – stay tuned!  Are there any other bloggers you see spending more time blogging and less-time partying and “tweeting” this week?

Learn How to Game Twitter at My BlogWorld Panel

BlogWorld09_150px_SpeakerThat’s right – you heard it right.  Next week I’ll be on a panel at BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas where we’ll show you all the ways you can game Twitter, increase your followers, and be the top Twitter user in your area.  Be prepared though because we’re also going to show you why that’s also not the best focus and how it actually could hurt your brand more than help it.

The panel I’m on is with some big names in the industry, especially in Twitterville itself.  My friend Micah Baldwin, inventor of #followfriday will be joining us, along with Lucretia Pruitt, a.k.a. @GeekMommy on Twitter, and one of the Wal-Mart 11 Moms.  I’ll of course be bringing my experience with SocialToo and the Twitter API, and we’ll also be joined by Reem Abeido of GroupM Search and Mr. Citizen Marketer, Aaron Strout himself.

We’re going up against some big names in the industry at the same time, so be sure to mark our session and make sure you’re clear which room and what time ours is at.  We’re in room 228 from 11:30am to 12:30pm on October 16th (that’s Friday).  The session is called “The Twitter Game – How to ‘Play’ Social Networking and Why it’s a Bad Idea”.  Go ahead, mark your calendar – I’ll wait…

Are you done?  Okay, I’ll wait some more…

Okay, now that you’ve marked your calendar and confirmed that you’re coming to our session and not the others (although I’ll forgive you if you don’t, maybe) let me give just one more motivation for coming.  To those in the audience I’ll randomly hand out one signed FBML Essentials book.  This book is valuable for both developers and marketers, as it will help anyone trying to understand the Facebook platform get into the hang of things with just a simple knowledge of HTML and maybe a little Javascript.

Also, if you haven’t registered for BlogWorld Expo yet, I’m told you can use PeopleBrowsr’s special code, “PB20” at this link and you’ll get 20% off registration.  Now, be sure to thank me by coming to our session!

Going to BlogWorld Expo!

Picture 12.pngI’ll be at BlogWorld Expo over the coming weekend starting tomorrow morning covering the event and hopefully sharing some of the highlights I think are innovative and interesting for you. Stay tuned here and I’ll share what I can. Some things I’m looking for: Microblogging, Lifestreaming, and the evolution of blogging and new trends towards blogging as a conduit instead of destination. I’ve also got another great post I’ve been brainstorming for so keep a watch there as well.

I still don’t quite know what my schedule will be, but feel free to look me up while you’re there. You can always call me at (801) 853-8339.

Oh, and keep an eye out on http://i.TV – we’re set to go live in the app store any moment now after being set back just a bit by the iTunes 8 launch. It is our prediction that we’ll be number 1 in the App store in very short time with what we have to offer. I’ll also update you here when that happens.