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Who are the Utah Tech Bloggers on Twitter?

I had this long-winded post on how I thought startups, entrepreneurs, and investors in Utah aren’t reading enough Utah based tech blogs, hoping to start a “Read Utah” campaign, but I figured I’d do something about it instead.  I’m looking for every Utah Tech blogger you know on Twitter.  The Rule is they have to post new blog posts at least somewhat regularly on their Twitter account.  I’ll put all those you list on this Twitter list: http://twitter.com/Jesse/utahbloggers/members – please tell your friends about it, get them to follow it, subscribe to it in TweetDeck and FlipBoard, etc.  Add their blogs to Google Reader (anyone want to create an OPML file of their blogs?).

My hope is that we can create a list of who these bloggers are so that a) startups can invite them to their press events, and b) so that we can start to get the Utah tech scene “Reading Utah”.  I think it’s too often we default to Silicon Valley when we think of blogs to read.  How many Utah blogs do you read?

I realize I’m preaching to the choir here, but if you can please forward this to a Utah tech entrepreneur or investor that you know, I’d really appreciate it.  Retweet this, share it on Facebook, Google Reader, and Buzz.  Send it in an e-mail or print it out.  Truth is I don’t get a ton of people from Utah reading this blog – my audience is mostly outside Utah.  I’d like to change that.  I’d like to change that for every Utah tech blogger.  Let’s grow this community from the inside out!  It’s time we “Read Utah” – our community will never grow if we don’t.

If you’re not in Utah, maybe you could do the same for your community?  Share with me your own community lists, as well as any Utah blogger you’re aware of that I can add to mine in the comments.

UPDATE: Will King has created an awesome list of not just tech bloggers, but tech companies in Utah here.