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LDS Church Launches New, "Social" for Learning About Mormons

mormon.orgJust last night, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints launched a newly redesigned to help those that are not members of the LDS Faith to know who their Mormon neighbors are.  The site, which takes a more “Social” approach to learn about the Faith, attempts to show you who your Mormon friends are, by letting them tell you about the Church.  The effort is perhaps one of the most social efforts from a technology standpoint in Church history.

Browsing the site, visitors can immediately search for people with like interests, locations, and ethnicities, showing that no matter where you are or what type of life you live, there is probably a Mormon who has been in, or is currently in similar circumstances.  In addition to being able to search around you, prominent Mormons are also featured, and you can learn about such influential Mormons such as Jane Clayson (Johnson), former morning show anchor and Journalist, or Chris Carlson, Creative Director at the Library of Congress.

The site features testimonies of members, answers to questions, videos, and information all about the Church, mostly by members of the Church themselves.  It includes very interesting and entertaining videos about featured members, which are scattered throughout the site and you can embed on your own website or blog.  The profiles are all written 100% by members, and include links to Twitter, Facebook, and even blogs that the members may write.  For each article about the Church (such as this one on Jesus Christ, or this one on The Book of Mormon), visitors can share and like the articles on Facebook and Twitter or e-mail.

So if you get a chance, head on over and check out the site – look for people like yourself.  Look for people that live around you.  There’s a good chance one of them is a Mormon.

You can read my profile here:

My name is Jesse Stay and yes, I’m a Mormon. 🙂

Disclosure: In my day job, I am currently working as the Social Media Architect for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. While they are currently my employer, this article by no means represents any official announcement, declaration, proclamation, or doctrine on behalf of the Church.  All claims or topics written are solely my own opinion and not the opinions or official word of the LDS Church.  To be clear, regardless of my day job, I am still a member of the Church and I still believe its teachings and will always have beliefs to share surrounding the Church and its teachings.  What I write here should be considered as such.