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It’s a Boy! The first full, live Twitter Birth

Baby 4.0It’s a Boy! Yes, we gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy last night, March 19th, 2008, at 3:24am. He was 6lbs 4oz, at 19″. We’re still figuring out a name – it’s now between “Jesse III” (after my grandfather, continuing his legacy), “Joshua Timothy”, and “Joshua Gregory” (my Dad’s name is Gregory).

We pulled out full stops for this birth Socially. I believe, except for maybe Scoble, it was the first full, “live” birth broadcast on Twitter. Twitter was an easy way to get the word out, and since the hospital had wifi I could use Twhirl to update Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, and Facebook all at the same time. We also live-broadcasted parts, including a few heavy contractions by Rebecca (SFW – just turn the sound down because she’s loud!), all via Ustream.tv. The Twittergrams and ustreams were all taken just right as the baby was born – you were there when it happened! I also posted items and pictures to Facebook. The baby’s nickname right now is “Twitter”. I had to have hundred of my Twitter friends and family wishing us luck, wishes, and congratulations last night so I can’t thank you all individually. Thank you for your wonderful wishes!

We’ll continue doing a few live streams via Ustream.tv, and you can keep track of when we go live, what’s going on in Baby 4.0’s life all by following me at http://twitter.com/jessestay, or typing “follow jessestay” and sending to 40404 on your cell phone. Here are a few videos to tide you over:



You can also check out the pictures on Picasaweb: