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DressCode – the "Suit Guys" That Come to You

I wrote previously of my fitting by DressCode, my new “suit guys“, that made me a custom-tailored suit and put me in tip-top fashion amongst my colleagues. They came to my house (they’ll also come to your office), measured me, and within a couple weeks I was wearing a top-quality suit that in traditional tailors would cost me $1,000 or more. Because they outsource the tailoring and have streamlined the process to focus on in-person service and fashion, a typical suit like mine goes for around $300. My last post covered the fitting. I wanted to do a follow-up post about how much I like my suit from them.

Never before, even with my custom-tailored suit that I got in Hong Kong last year or even my Bangkok, Thailand tailored suit I got years ago when I lived there, have I received comments on how nice my suit looks. I actually stand out in the crowd now. People ask me where I had my suit made. They notice how nicely it looks.

The thing is, the suit DressCode made me fits me like a glove. It doesn’t have baggy parts in certain areas that make it look like it doesn’t fit. Even my Hong Kong-tailored suit has a bit of a “baggy” look to it. Not my DressCode suit.

And the details – the details are amazing. They suggested a custom lining on the inside. But not just a nice silk lining – they suggested a little colored strip that separates the lining from the suit, adding just one more touch of detail. They added extra pockets, so many in fact that I’m not even sure what to use them all for (they could definitely tell me the proper use for the pockets though, if I asked – their service is tremendous). They touched it all off with my name on the inside coat pocket, to personalize the experience.

Add to that the in-person service. I shared the experience of getting fitted before – with a simple click of a button on their website, they come to your home or office and fit you. But they don’t just take your measurements. They give you tips and suggestions for ways the suit could look better on you. If you want to explore outside your boundaries, they will help you embrace new and upcoming fashion trends. They’ll teach you about all the different parts of a suit, and help you decide what will fit your tastes best. They are in many ways the Zappos of suits!

I am very impressed with DressCode. I’m headed to Hong Kong next month, but this time I don’t have any desire to buy a suit from my tailor there. For the same price (almost), I can buy a much better, even better tailored suit from my friends here locally at DressCode who will come straight to my home or office to fit me. Now that’s pretty cool.

Give them a try – they have reps in a couple states already, and I hear they’re doing a “Popup” shop in Los Angeles soon. They can also come do “Popups” at your business or in your area if they have enough interest. Do what you can to get them in your area – it’s very worth the service!

Disclosure: My first suit from them was free in exchange for some promotion – I’m very glad I tried it though! I will be ordering, and paying for more suits from them in the future.

(sorry for the blurriness – my kids took these pictures!)

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