Windows Phone 7 – Stay N Alive

Microsoft Offering Free Windows 7 Phones for Black Friday

I’ve had my criticism of Microsoft in the past, but the new Microsoft keeps pulling me back.  Just a few minutes ago on the Windows Facebook Page Facebook announced:

“Here is a Black Friday sneak peek for our social media fans: Visit your local Microsoft Store this weekend, starting November 26, to pick up Windows Phone 7 for free! Get your choice of the HTC Surround or a LG Quantum for $0 when you renew your two-year AT&T contract. If you can’t make it to a store, don’t worry. We will have online deals for everyone starting bright and early tomorrow morning.”

Free phone? If you’re not in San Francisco you probably don’t hate AT&T so this sounds like a pretty good deal!  I wonder if I can go back and forth between my iPhone SIM card for this – I’d love to just try it out!

Now, Utah has a Microsoft Research Office – is there a Microsoft Store somewhere?  If the new Windows 7 phone experience is anything like my Kinect experience (more on that later) I’d say Microsoft could be making their way back into the game.  Google, Apple – any matching offers from you?