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What Would You Like To Learn About Social Web Development?

Help is on the wayOne of my strongest expertise is developing web apps that utilize Social APIs and technologies.  My website, SocialToo is built all around these.  I’ve written a book on the subject, and reviewed others.  I’ve blogged about it, and written many apps myself, and consulted for many others.  I wrote one of the first howtos on Facebook Connect development, and wrote the very first Facebook Connect WordPress plugin.

However, I’ve realized that I’m not sharing that much.  I have presentations I’ve shared via Slideshare, but those just don’t do it justice.  I’d like to share more here on this blog, do a few geeky howtos for the developers and coders out there, and hopefully help a few of you out.  I’m not quite sure where to start though.

So my question for you is, what would you like me to talk about?  What would you like to learn?  It can be any Social Network API, really.  If I don’t know it yet I’ll go learn it and share it with you.  I’d like to help you learn what you don’t already know though.  I figure I’m pretty good at this stuff, so I may as well share it.  So, what would you like me to talk about?  Trust me, it will be much more interesting if you tell me, than if I just guess myself.  How can I help you?

Image courtesy Cory Doctorow