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A Man Without a Party

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I’m going to stray from tech for just a post here and vent a little.  I’m going to bring up a word I warn some may find offensive.  I am not a profane man. I simply do not use profanity as I feel it degrades who we are and distracts from plain English.  This word is the best term to describe the situation I am in politically though: Bastard. I’m a man without a party.  I didn’t go anywhere I don’t think.  I’m pretty sure my party left me.

I grew up in a conservative home where I was taught values of respect for our nation, honor for our liberty and this nation’s values.  I grew up in a home where we uplifted and supported and strengthened our President because he was our President, and politics aside, he was the one leading and representing our nation to the world.  I was taught faith in a supreme being, love for our troops, and gratitude to those that had served us before.

I was taught to pay my taxes, and to not be wasteful of the money I have.  I was taught not to go into debt.  I had trust in a government that would do the same.  I was taught to be self-sufficient, and at the same time give what I had left over to the poor.  A scripture I grew up with taught me to “succor those that stand in need of your succor”, and if I had not to give, “I [gave] not because I [had] not, but if I had I would give.” I was taught to participate in government, be a loyal citizen, to vote, and to volunteer where possible.

My parents taught me great values, and where they didn’t agree with a politician, they were careful to let me know why they didn’t agree, and let me make a decision based on that knowledge.  I don’t think I remember my parents ever admitting to loyalty to a single party of choice.  When we asked who they voted for, they would not tell us, because it was “none of our business”.  They wanted us to choose.  Their politics were individual decisions, and they wanted us to make our decisions based on values, not politics.

I grew up with both my Grandfathers being former Colonels, one in the Army and one in the Air Force.  One of my Grandfathers, a Purple Heart-decorated Colonel with 12 kids and a very strong family, taught me at a young age to salute the flag when I wore the Boy Scout uniform, and to put my hand over my heart and stand when flags were presented other times.  He taught me to sing the national anthem when it was sung, and to learn the words.

My other Grandfather, also a World War II veteran and double-flying-cross decorated Colonel taught me the value of faith, and how it can carry you through the worst of times.  He taught me leadership, and regardless of political boundary, why remaining true to your values was more important than anything.  He served in the Pentagon, met various Presidents and dignitaries, but no matter what, he went to Church every Sunday, stuck to his values, and respected his Nation with all his heart.  He continued to teach these values to Cadets as he started the Air Force ROTC at Brigham Young University.  He lead a family of 7 children and continued teaching those values at home, instilling the same respect in my Father, who taught these things to me.

Values. Faith. Respect. Liberty. Justice.   Integrity. Honor. Charity.  E Pluribus Unum – “Out of many, one.” I’m saddened to see not a single party supporting all of these virtues.  I’m saddened that the what is supposed to be “the conservative party”, the Republican party, is ruining the image of our President’s office just as bad as the Democrats have previously. I’m saddened that our leaders have become corrupt, seeking popularity and politics instead of integrity, honesty, and virtue like my Grandfathers above.  I’m saddened that children now have to seek Permission slips to see their President speak this week.  I’m saddened that we’ve lost our core family values so much that parents can no longer teach their children values to learn on their own what’s right and what’s wrong.

The Republican party, whom I thought was my party growing up has deserted me.  The Democrats are too far in the other direction.  I’m saddened that I’m in actually what appears to be the majority of Conservatives at the moment. Where is our Party?  I’m afraid my friends, that I’ve joined the ranks of the many Conservatives who belong to a leaderless Bastard Party.  Maybe that is where I belong now, faith, values, virtue and all.

To the Whitehouse and President Obama: Thank you for this amazing opportunity to have my kids learn who their President is and what he wants them to hear.  Sure, we’ll be talking to them when they get home about your speech, but what an amazing opportunity this is!  Never in the history of this nation has the President had the technology available to do this, and this Conservative is grateful for it.

To the Republican party, my Republican party (or what I thought was mine): look at yourselves!  Here’s a great video by John Stewart that describes the perception (in the image of Fox News, in this case) which you’re becoming:

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