kiss – Stay N Alive

Forbidden Fruit

o, how i long for that kiss
the one kiss
that holds so much meaning
the one that can tell you
so much about a person
even if you’ve known them
all your life
the 1st kiss is as forbidden as the last
scared to start
becuz we are scared of how it’ll end
the forbidden kiss
that we yearn for
like adam & eve
the forbidden fruit
the taste so sweet
and then they were no longer blind
that kiss is just the same
take the chance
the forbidden kiss
full of temptation
‘let our lips do
what our hands do’
romeo told juliet to
take the chance
the forbidden kiss
might be just as sweet.

–Malika Giddens (A 13 Year Old!)

Poem Source (Malika Giddens)

Original Image (Jesse Stay)