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It’s a Boy! The first full, live Twitter Birth

Baby 4.0It’s a Boy! Yes, we gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy last night, March 19th, 2008, at 3:24am. He was 6lbs 4oz, at 19″. We’re still figuring out a name – it’s now between “Jesse III” (after my grandfather, continuing his legacy), “Joshua Timothy”, and “Joshua Gregory” (my Dad’s name is Gregory).

We pulled out full stops for this birth Socially. I believe, except for maybe Scoble, it was the first full, “live” birth broadcast on Twitter. Twitter was an easy way to get the word out, and since the hospital had wifi I could use Twhirl to update Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, and Facebook all at the same time. We also live-broadcasted parts, including a few heavy contractions by Rebecca (SFW – just turn the sound down because she’s loud!), all via The Twittergrams and ustreams were all taken just right as the baby was born – you were there when it happened! I also posted items and pictures to Facebook. The baby’s nickname right now is “Twitter”. I had to have hundred of my Twitter friends and family wishing us luck, wishes, and congratulations last night so I can’t thank you all individually. Thank you for your wonderful wishes!

We’ll continue doing a few live streams via, and you can keep track of when we go live, what’s going on in Baby 4.0’s life all by following me at, or typing “follow jessestay” and sending to 40404 on your cell phone. Here are a few videos to tide you over:

You can also check out the pictures on Picasaweb: