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Facebook Adds Small Features to Chat

Picture 3.jpgI just noticed today a few new features in the Facebook chat window. When a new chat message comes through you may now hear a small, “pop”. It appears as though Facebook has begun adding sounds to their messaging, a much needed addition for those trying to know when people are trying to chat with them on Facebook. I have Facebook open most of the time in a separate tab, and often don’t realize until it’s too late that someone has been trying to chat with me in another tab. Now, assuming I hear the “pop”, that seems to be resolved. You can turn this feature on or off by clicking on “Settings” under the chat box in the chat bar, then checking or unchecking the box labeled, “Play Sounds for New Messages”.

The other addition, which I believe may be new (or I just barely noticed it), is Facebook seems to have added picture emoticons to the chat window. Now if I type, : – ) (without the spaces), it appears as a smiley face like this: 🙂 I’d love to get a list of these.

Anyone know of any other new features added since the “pop”?

Stay N’ Alive Productions and SocialToo.com Present Facebook "Chat-B-Gone" (#web20expo)

I’m sitting in here at the Blogger Lounge at Web 2.0 Expo, and have been working on a cool little gadget I think you may like. Mari Smith yesterday Tweeted that she and others wished there was a way they could “turn off” Facebook chat. Right now there are privacy controls to block people and keep people from chatting with you, but there is no real way to turn off the Chat feature in Facebook.

So I created a simple little Greasemonkey script (works in Firefox only, sorry) under the GPL v.2, in conjunction with SocialToo.com‘s “Social Companion to the Web” theme, that I call, “Facebook Chat-B-Gone”. Go ahead and download and install Greasemonkey here, then click here to download “Facebook Chat-B-Gone”.

Enjoy! And be sure to sign up for SocialToo.com for more cool “companion” features like this in the future!