May 2006 – Stay N Alive

Issues Fixed

If I just followed my own advice (see below – it was actually written in 2004), I would have been able to fix this right away. The rss and caching issues should be resolved now. It was an issue in the way Bryar handles Mod_Perl 2. There are still some comment issues that have cropped up. I’m working on those as we speak.

Using Bryar in Mod_Perl 2.0

I’ve made some additions to Bryar 2.6 to allow it to work in Mod_Perl 2.0.
Without these changes (see diffs below), you will see random caching problems
because it loads Frontend/ instead of Frontend/


+ $ENV{‘GATEWAY_INTERFACE’} =~ /^CGI-Perl\// or exists $ENV{MOD_PERL} and $ENV{MOD_PERL} =~ /^mod_perl\//)



+ #use Apache::Constants qw(OK);
+ #use Apache::Request;
+ #use Apache;

– use Apache::Constants qw(OK);
– use Apache::Request;
– use Apache;
+ eval(‘require mod_perl;’);
+ if ( $@ ) {
+ require Apache2::mod_perl;
+ }
+ $::MP2 = ($mod_perl::VERSION >= 1.99);
+ if ($::MP2) {
+ require Apache2;
+ require Apache::Server;
+ require Apache::RequestRec;
+ require Apache::Log;
+ require APR::Table;
+ require Apache::RequestIO;
+ require Apache::SubRequest;
+ require Apache::Const;
+ Apache::Const->import(-compile => ‘OK’,’DECLINED’,’FORBIDDEN’,’NOT_FOUND’);
+ }
+ else {
+ require Apache;
+ require Apache::Constants;
+ require Apache::Request;
+ Apache::Constants->import(‘OK’,’DECLINED’,’FORBIDDEN’,’NOT_FOUND’);
+ }
+ }
+ sub obtain_params {
+ #my $apr = Apache::Request->new(Apache->request);
+ my $apr = new CGI;
+ map { $_ => $apr->param($_) } $apr->param ;
+ }

– sub obtain_params { my $apr = Apache::Request->new(Apache->request);
– map { $_ => $apr->param($_) } $apr->param ;
– }
+ Apache->request->status(‘OK’);

– Apache->request->status(OK);

Nintendo Wii – Competition for XBox 360 or Playstation 3?

Recently Peter Moore of Microsoft and Phil Harrison of Sony both recommended the Wii as the companion of choice to either the XBox 360 or the Sony Playstation 3. This has left questions in everyones’ minds as to what Sony and Microsoft are doing, recommending people buy one of “the competitors”. Why recommend someone that could likely take away your marketshare?

The answer is just that – they both can’t afford Nintendo to be part of their marketshare. By Nintendo being considered “a companion” to the Microsoft or Sony consoles, it may no longer be considered in the minds of the consumer as a possible “competitor” to Sony or Microsoft, making the market share 50/50 instead of 33/33/33. This means more money for both companies, and in theory, less money for Nintendo, as people will think of Sony or Microsoft as their “Main Console”.

Now, the main question lies on how Nintendo approaches this moving forward. If approached right, Nintendo could turn this to their advantage, selling the Nintendo as “a companion” to the Sony or Microsoft consoles, focusing on the game elements. This will get them in the game for future competition. Then, once that is accomplished, they should produce a competing “media console” similar to the PS3 or XBox 360 that benefits the consumer when used in conjunction with the Wii. Nintendo will say “Wii” all the way home when Sony and Microsoft get the last laugh. Nintendo – are you listening?


I’ve determined I’m going to get somewhat of a dream added to Jeens. For awhile, I’ve been dreaming of the ability for a blogger to add a small wiki section to their blog entry. Only the section they designate can be freely edited by others. This could be used for collaboration, for review of code, for documentation, or whatever. Perhaps a product description written by the users? I’m going to use this blog entry as a test. Here’s some text:

This is test wiki text

Have at it!