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Has It Really Been a Year?

Jesse First BirthdayExactly 1 year ago yesterday (the 19th) my baby, Jesse Stay III, was born.  As our fourth child, we decided we would have a little fun with it, and we Twittered the entire experience, shared the first cries (with an idea from Scoble), and even Ustreamed right before and right after the event.  You can watch our very first few minutes with him here.  According to Ustream, he was just the second baby birth ever Ustreamed on the site.  Since then, there have been many more.  I also believe he was one of the first (I’m pretty sure Scoble was the first) babies to be Twittered throughout the entire experience. You can see all of that here.

Little would we know that just a few months after his birth, his namesake, my Grandfather (and my namesake), would pass away a few months later after he was born, and subsequently his Great-Grandmother as well.  His name was well fitting, and timely, and we’ll always have stories to tell him as he grows older.

Since his birth, we have recorded his life on SmugMug, Flickr, Facebook, and streamed the entire experience through FriendFeed, and various bursts on Twitter. He has become the subject of several cute photo posts on this blog.  I hope he is able to appreciate this live history we are giving him, as he truly grew up in a time where his life could be documented live, as it happened.  I still continue to do that, in a more private manner, for my older children.

His is a special generation. At one year old, who knows what the world will be like in 17 more years when he gets to leave the home and go out on his own.  I’m looking back and 17 years ago I didn’t even have internet, and cell phones were not to be found. It’s amazing what can happen, and I’m excited to document it and help others understand it as it happens.  Baby Jesse, one year may be a life-time for you, but an entire generation awaits!

What a Year!

birthday-cake2.jpgIt’s amazing what can happen in one year. Just one year ago today (the 14th) I turned 30. Today just happens to be my 31st birthday (yes, I’m almost exactly as old as Louis Gray, and no, we are not the same person like he and Robert Scoble are). It also just so happens to be my 1 year anniversary into my quest towards entrepreneurship. 1 year ago today I met at a blogger lunch here in Utah, and began talking to my former partner Phil Burns about a new venture we were going to work on called Pokkit. Soon after that I sold a Facebook App I was developing for a small amount, quit my job at UnitedHealth Group, and was free, on my own, responsible completely for my own actions.

In just one year I managed to quit my job, sell a business, write 2 books, join the Utah v100 list of top Entrepreneurs, get on Techcrunch (3 times), Scobleizer, Webware, LouisGray, AllFacebook, InsideFacebook, Guy Kawasaki, and other blogs, as well as become recognized by Techmeme. In just one year I had a baby (on Twitter!), celebrated 8 years of marriage with my wife, buy a new car, have a car run into my house, see my son enter Kindergarten, and visit Yellowstone for the first time. I saw the Olympics take place in Beijing China! In just one year I saw Twitter take off and start to fall, I saw Facebook go mainstream and the Platform take off. I saw FriendFeed become popular, the iPhone launch (twice!), and emerge.

In just one year I saw my grandfather pass away, my Uncle pass away, and I saw my sister get in a serious car accident. I saw the death of legends, like Heath Ledger and Gordon B. Hinckley, and Bernie Mac. In just a year I saw my Grandmother become seriously ill and unable to walk, but recover almost entirely and survive the death of my Grandfather.

I’ve seen and experienced some pretty amazing things this last year. Many good, some bad. It has truly been the best of times, and worst of times. Today has been a day of reflection for me as I take one step forward into the next year and wonder what’s in store for me next. What will you do in the next year of your life?

What did I get for my birthday? I got a Wii Fit – time to prepare for my next year of life by getting fit! 🙂