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Texas Proves Once Again Everything is Bigger, Even on Facebook

If you ask which State is biggest on Facebook, at least if you ask a Texan, the winner would be Texas. Today at about 11:30pm Central, the Facebook Page, “I bet Texas can get 1 million fans before any other state.” did just what it set out to do – it became the first Facebook Page for a State to get 1 million fans on Facebook.

The Page went up against Pages like “I bet Alaska can get 1 million fans before any other state.”, and “I bet New York can get 1 million fans before any other state.”  Texas was the clear winner.  The biggest one I could find was New York, with only about 200,000 fans.  Looking through AllFacebook’s Page rankings, there were no State pages above Texas.

The enthusiasm for the state is evident.  The accomplishment was met with comments like, “cool now can winter come?????? lol”, “YEP CUZ TEXAS IS THE BESTEST!”, “Lets go for 2 million now!”, and “i think that texas should just be its own country”.  You may even see some of your friends partying and waving their Texas flags and holding up horn signs tonight as a result.

It’s hard to tell if any other state really tried, but if you’re a proud Texan like myself, tonight is a glorious occasion.  We have dominated all y’all!  Let’s go light a bonfire, say the pledge, eat some jalapenos, and cook some brisket!  I’ll be hanging my Texas flag proudly tomorrow.  And starting today we can all join this man in understanding our state’s bird, tree, reptile, and yes, now the official Texas Facebook Page which is way better and bigger than y’all’s:

Don’t Mess With Texas.