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Paypal X Innovate

Paypal X Innovate 2009I’ve been invited by Paypal to come out to San Francisco and participate in the Paypal X Innovate conference on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I’ll be in San Francisco starting tomorrow morning.  I’d love to meet you!  If you’re going to be at the conference, or in the San Francisco area, let me know and we can try to meet up if I have some time.  Maybe we can arrange a Tweetup or Facebook dev garage while I’m out there or something.

What is Paypal X Innovate?  It’s a conference for developers on the new Paypal X development platform.  At the conference, Paypal will be announcing their new platform, showcasing what you can do with it, and supposedly will be announcing a few surprises as well.  At the event you can expect to see speakers such as Tim O’Reilly, John Donahoe, and Om Malik, amongst many other industry luminaries interested in this space.  Paypal’s going all out at this conference!  I even hear there’s a special surprise gift for each conference attendee.

So if you’ll be at the event, come say hi!  If you haven’t signed up, the event is sold out, but there may be a few tickets available for walk-ins if you want to try the day of.  I’ll be covering everything I can while I’m out there both here, and on my Facebook Fan Page at I look forward to seeing you!