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FacebookStarting tonight, any Facebook Public Profile Page (that’s Page with a capital “P”) with over 100 subscribers has the opportunity to select its own vanity URL.  While it hasn’t had the hype from the blogosphere that we saw from the previous private Profile vanity URLs, it does seem to be having a large effect, as Facebook has slowed down tonight, even more than when the private Profile vanities were released.  Get yours now while you can – you can reserve yours for both your Public Pages and private Profiles via the link.  Please comment below if you want some help reaching the 100 fan limit!

As with any and all of my social network profiles, please don’t hesitate to friend me!  My most active profiles are listed over on the upper-right of this blog, but if you Google “Jesse Stay” you can find just about everywhere I belong.  Tonight I was able to reserve short URLs for my most active Pages – please become a fan or friend me!:

My personal Facebook Profile:

My public Facebook Page:

SocialToo’s public Facebook Page:

I’m on Facebook–Now What??? (my first book)’s public Facebook Page:

FBML Essential (my second book)’s public Facebook Page:

We’re Baptist’s public Facebook Page:

We’re Catholic’s public Facebook Page:

Don’t forget to join SocialToo (my service) to get your own personalized vanity URL. will redirect to your Facebook profile, and we’ll track statistics for everyone that clicks on your URL.  It’s the only URL you’ll ever need to hand out to others.  Oh, and see the above URLs? Expect a solution for those soon as well.  Sign up for yours at