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Orkut OpenSocial Launches in India!

Just this minute (I believe I’m one of the first to report it), Orkut has announced that it is launching to the entire country of India, equaling near 10% of its total users. This is a crowning achievement for Orkut, after months of work to get it into a state suitable for launch. As part of this launch, 5 more applications were added in addition to the 15 that were already in their directory during the pre-testing period, totaling 20 applications at launch for Orkut. Google really seems to be taking this launch extremely cautiously.

As mentioned earlier, starting next week they will begin adding more applications to the directory on a first-come, first-serve basis, giving priority to those that were submitted on or before 2/15. Members of the development team will be hanging out starting next week in the opensocial irc channel on freenode to answer questions from the development community. Congratulations Orkut! Let’s hope to see many more successful launches in the near future!

Will you be submitting your App to the directory?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEajVXItSgc&hl=en]

Orkut to Launch OpenSocial to 10% of Users in "About" the Next Week

I’m going to take this one with a grain of salt. The last time they made an announcement like this it was recalled, and more than a month later until we actually saw a launch. However, today Orkut announced that they would be launching to 10% of their users, in a gradual rollout within “about” the next week. It looks as though they will be launching to millions of users in India at first, corresponding to 10% of their user base. Is the time really coming? Orkut – we really do want to see you succeed! Release early and release often man!

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OpenSocial Launch to be delayed "a few weeks"

I’ve blogged over at OpensocialNow.com that Orkut is delaying their launch to the public for a few weeks.  Read more about it here: