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Strategically Growing Your Business Using Facebook & Twitter

mari smithI had the opportunity today to sit and listen to Mari Smith’s BlogWorld Expo talk today, “Facebook & Twitter Fortunes: How To Strategically Grow Your Business Using the Top Two Online Social Networks”. I have been on a panel with her before and even spoke for one of her online webinars, but had not yet had the chance to see her in person yet.  Such a meeting was a pleasure, as that actually ended up being the focus of her presentation – relationships.

The power of Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites is in how you use them to build real-life relationships with others.  Facebook itself does this superbly (Twitter is getting there, and can still be used for such if done right).  Mari spoke about that connection, stating that “more than content, people are looking for connection”.  She had a great quote stating that “if Content is King, Connection is Queen”.  The “Pied Piper of Facebook” (and arguable one of the nicest and most genuine people I’ve ever met) knows her stuff, and if you can use these social networks effectively to do this for a brand or business, you will see the most success.

Mari stated that the most powerful part of Facebook was Facebook Pages.  She shared that you can encourage people to fan your Facebook Page simply by sending “fan yourpageusername” to “fbook” (32665) on your mobile phone.  She uses this in her presentations to encourage people following her presentation to also fan her and mentioned it’s a great strategy to build a fan base.  I realized I really need to do this more often as well (my fan page is “stay” on Facebook).

While I do agree with her that Facebook Pages are a powerful aspect of Facebook I do disagree slightly that it is the most powerful aspect of the Social Networking site.  I think if more marketers, product managers, entrepreneurs, and businesses spent a little more time learning what they can do with a little knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and access to HTML files somewhere they can begin to integrate Facebook right on their own site, bringing a user and their Facebook friends into a person’s own brand.  If you ask me this is the most powerful component of Facebook and more people need to learn it.  Facebook Connect is Facebook’s “Building Blocks” contributed to the Building Block Web I spoke of earlier.

I love Mari’s focus on connection and relationships in her presentation.  She also talked about opening up a little, sharing how she shared some of the details of her recent divorce and by opening up she was able to connect with people better.  She stated that the new social media marketing methodology is moving from “controlling our image” to “being ourselves”, something radically different from the way it used to be, and these tools are enabling us to do this!  She stated that the tools are making people go from “hard to reach” to “available everywhere”.  How true that is.

Unfortunately I was only able to stay for half of Mari’s session, but I quickly was reminded how much Mari knows her stuff.  If you want to meet someone on Twitter or Facebook who is genuine, will build a real relationship with you, and help you learn how to make money off of these tools at the same time in a rational manner that is not a “get rich quick scheme”, Mari is the person to follow.  You can follow her on Twitter at or on Facebook,

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  1. I have had a chance to be on the webinar where you (Jesse) presented Facebook Pages during one of our live classes with Mentor With Mari program, and I was just amazed at the knowledge you posses! It is never enough time to go through it all, and I have to say I deeply appreciate your sharing with our group! As Mari, I am also a big believer of Facebook Pages being one of the sharpest social networking tools out there, but I also agree with you about the power of it being very un-utilized for the lack of knowledge.
    Mari's words about new social media marketing methodology moving from “controlling our image” to “being ourselves”, must be the core of the newly established standards of successful engagement on social networks.
    ~Karmen (on Twitter @kickofftopic)

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