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Are You Subscribed to My Link Blog?

2426084610-reader-logo-en.gifSome of my best comments are made via my Google Reader Link blog. I often avoid writing about already-written stories because there are so many better ways to do it. I often comment on FriendFeed, and where I have an opinion, I write about it as a Note in my Google Reader shared items, which goes to my Link blog.

I’ve added a small version of the link blog in the sidebar, but you can also follow it in Google Reader by subscribing here – or, you can just go there and check back often to see what else I’ve shared. Of course, the best way to follow my comments and shares is by sending me an e-mail, or brief chat to jessestay at gmail dot com, and that way I can read, and re-share your shared items as well!

Of course, if you follow me on FriendFeed, you’ll get all of this, and you can reply, too! You can follow me there at

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