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“The Mormons” Trailer on PBS

I was just made aware that PBS has released the trailer to their upcoming documentary on the Mormon faith, to be released April 30th. The url is here: http://www.pbs.org/mormons/view/2514.html?&c=3wm. I just hope it lives up to the trailer – I was very impressed! It seems to stay true to the facts, while sharing all controversies that have arisen through the faith. I believe all commentators save one are non-LDS, but the one, Terryl Givens, was my Bishop in Richmond, VA. He is an English Professor at University of Richmond, and also teaches various religion classes there – he’s perfectly appropriate for this series. He’s a very smart guy on many fronts. The other guys seem to also share an objective view of the faith and will I hope give a good contribution to the documentary. I felt the Spirit during the trailer – I hope the actual series projects the same feeling.

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