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Going to BlogWorld Expo!

Picture 12.pngI’ll be at BlogWorld Expo over the coming weekend starting tomorrow morning covering the event and hopefully sharing some of the highlights I think are innovative and interesting for you. Stay tuned here and I’ll share what I can. Some things I’m looking for: Microblogging, Lifestreaming, and the evolution of blogging and new trends towards blogging as a conduit instead of destination. I’ve also got another great post I’ve been brainstorming for LouisGray.com so keep a watch there as well.

I still don’t quite know what my schedule will be, but feel free to look me up while you’re there. You can always call me at (801) 853-8339.

Oh, and keep an eye out on http://i.TV – we’re set to go live in the app store any moment now after being set back just a bit by the iTunes 8 launch. It is our prediction that we’ll be number 1 in the App store in very short time with what we have to offer. I’ll also update you here when that happens.

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