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Studio C – A Refreshingly Funny Alternative to SNL (Plus, Win a Free Roku Box!!!)

Hey guys – read through this entire post, and see down below to find out how you can win a free Roku HD box! Expect many more giveaways in the future on this blog!

As a long time SNL fan, as well as other sketch comedies like “Kids in the Hall”, I have to admit, the options for good comedy are slim these days. SNL, quite frankly, has gone downhill. It definitely caters to adults, shuns family-friendly humor, and in my own humble opinion, it just isn’t as funny as the Saturday Night Live I grew up with. That’s why when I was recently introduced (originally by my 13-year old daughter) to a little college-produced series called Studio C I grew excited again. Studio C is finally a family-friendly sketch comedy you can all gather around, watch, share, and enjoy no matter what the age.

Produced by BYUtv, a college-run TV station near me in the 3rd City to get Google Fiber, Provo, Utah, it definitely shows its Utah roots, but in such a good way. The shows are very funny, whether you’re from Utah or anywhere in the world, and they seem to take care that their audience is not just Utah, or BYU students, or the Mormon-devout audience that typically follows things out of BYU. They make their message funny for all. I’m sharing this here because I truly think this is something all of you will enjoy!

The skits performed on the show remind me a lot of the old “Kids in the Hall” series (“I’ll pinch his head!”) that ended in 1996 — A bunch of college-age kids, having fun, doing silly things only college kids would think of. If you’re a fan of the infamous Devin Graham’s Youtube videos (he too came out of BYU), these guys are just like the fun-loving kids from those videos, focused solely on comedy. It’s the type of joy and fun that Provo, Utah exudes!

One of my favorite skits, which the team at Studio C shared with me, is one of Shawn Bradley, formerly Center for the 76ers basketball team (and even before that Center for BYU’s basketball team). The 7 foot 6 inch man participates in a regular skit they share on Studio C called “Shoulder Angel”, a skit where a man dressed as an angel helps people with their moral decisions in life. The only problem is the angel has to find a way up onto the shoulder of the person facing the moral dilemma. In this episode, you can only imagine climbing onto the shoudler of a 7 foot 6 inch man! You be the judge – watch below:

Studio C is widely available no matter what your viewing preference. They sent me a Roku box to watch it on – it’s available via the BYUtv app on Roku if you have one, and the experience was great! You can also watch and schedule episodes on BYUtv’s own website, or you can subscribe to the Studio C-specific Youtube Channel and watch the episodes one-by-one, as well as most cable and satellite networks on the BYUtv channel.

Whatever your preference for watching, go check it out now, and schedule it with your family! I’ve found this very well could become a replacement for my regular Saturday humor. It truly is something you can sit down with the family and get a good laugh from!

Want your own Roku HD box to watch Studio C on? They gave me one to give away to my readers and fans. To get entered to win the Roku box, just do 2 things:

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I’ll verify everyone who enters and add you to the pool! Next Monday, July 1 I’ll pick a winner!

Now go watch Studio C and let me know what you think in the comments!

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