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Miss My Google Reader Updates? Here Are 4 Ways You Can Still Get Relevant Tech News

If you’re an avid Google Reader user like me, you are well aware of the recent changes Google Reader made to their interface, removing the ability to share news with friends, and as a result, killing the means for over 1,500 of you to receive relevant tech news updates from me. As a long-time supporter, and defender of Google Reader (I defended it even when others were saying it was dead), it’s no surprise I’m disappointed. However, I’m finding other ways, without Google Reader, to still get you the news you need. Maybe you didn’t even follow me on Google Reader before. Regardless, here are 4 ways you can follow my favorite tech news from around the web without Google Reader – I hope you can find value from one of these.

The Stay N Alive Newsletter

Every Tuesday or Wednesday I send out a newsletter to all my followers with my favorite news from throughout the week. In the newsletter it always has the most relevant highlights from the week, and things that I think you should know about in the tech world and other things I’m interested in. If you subscribe to anything of mine, you’ll definitely want to subscribe to this, as it’s the simplest way to skim through what you may have missed from the previous week. Have other items you want to see on this newsletter? Just let me know and I’ll see if I can highlight those as well.

To sign up for this newsletter, just fill out the form on the right column, or click the “Newsletter” link at the top, or just go here and fill out the form. I’d love to have each of you get this.


Want something a little more relevant and real-time? Before I had Google Reader and you could just read each item I shared, right in your browser. With Google Reader’s changes, that’s no longer possible. However, I’m still sharing everything I used to share in Google Reader over on Twitter. Just subscribe to me at http://twitter.com/jesseslinks (@jesseslinks) and you’ll have all my favorite news delivered to you in real-time. Consider that the firehose (but it’s good water!)

Want to get updates on your cell phone? You don’t even need a Twitter account. Just send “follow jesseslinks” to 40404 (you don’t need a Twitter account, but that is Twitter’s SMS service) on your cellphone and you’ll immediately start getting news updates delivered to you via SMS as I share them.  To stop the updates, just send “stop” to 40404 and they’ll stop.


One of my favorite News reading apps for the iPad is Flipboard. I like it because I can plug in just about any feed to Flipboard and immediately it turns it into news I can read, right on the Flipboard.

To get my shares on your Flipboard is easy. Just add the Twitter account @jesseslinks to Flipboard, and you’ll now be able to read the news I share right inside Flipboard. I think that’s probably one of the best ways to get your news and never have to leave the app to do it – consider it your “Stay N Alive Newspaper”.


Lastly, and I should disclose that I’m an advisor of Xydo (and that’s for a reason – I only advise companies I believe in), Xydo.com can be an excellent way to get your news from me. You can just go to Xydo.com/Stay and get my updates there. Or, sign up for the site, register your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and get news from not just me but all your friends that are sharing news on Facebook and Twitter. If you’ve followed @jesseslinks on Twitter, those links will appear there as well (you can do that under the “Connections” link, or you can just let it pick the most relevant news out for you – it’s pretty smart!). Want these on Flipboard? Plug in your Xydo RSS feed for me, your personalized feed, or any Xydo topic into Flipboard and you’ve got news on your iPad!

Xydo is actually one of my biggest replacements for Google Reader social sharing at the moment. If you’re looking for a good replacement and don’t just want my shares, it may solve the problem of finding relevant news for you. I highly recommend them, and I’m not just saying that because I’m and advisor. I’m actually finding much more use out of them since Google Reader social sharing went away.

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