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Xydo Now Tracking Over 1 Million People’s Shares on Twitter

A few weeks back, Eric Roach, Xydo.com‘s co-founder and CEO, had lunch with me to show me a new, Digg-like network for sharing articles in a modern way. The service attempts to track retweets and shares across social networks to identify, automatically, what the top news of the day is. It’s amazingly fast and accurate at predicting the news. Today I noticed they surpassed tracking 1 million users, bringing tens of thousand of shared items to the service as a result of those users’ shares.

Xydo attempts to detect shared content across the web based on what people are sharing and really interested in. While it places emphasis on retweets and shares, users of the service can also vote up articles on the site, very similar to Digg and Reddit and other similar vote-up news services. The difference being the news is submitted by your shares on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.

Xydo comes with a twist though. You can organize your own news feeds by topic and RSS feed. You tell it the topics you want to follow, and you can edit those topics, almost in Quora-like, wiki-like fashion, and you get a nice list of the top news within that topic you want to follow. Eric showed me how he can just add the RSS feed for the specific topic he wants to follow to FlipBoard for the iPad, and it’s all displayed in a nicely formatted way for me to read the news. You can insert this into your own news reader as well, for instance. (Let’s say, the “technology” topic, for example)

I admit I’m already hooked on Xydo as it quickly becomes a new way for me to consume personalized news on the web. Being a Utah company, it’s great to see more innovation out of this area. If you’re not already one of those 1 million users being tracked, be sure to register for the beta at http://xydo.com.

In the meantime, be sure to see Robert Scoble’s video below where he interviewed the founders:

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