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Kynetx Kicks off the Web With No Log in Button With New Browser Extension

In previous posts I have talked about the concept of the “Web with no login button“. I call it the next iteration of the web, Web 3.0 if you may, where the web follows you. Everywhere you go, the web knows who you are, what you are doing, where you are, and it adapts based on what it knows about you. The kicker is no server anywhere needs to know who you are. Only your browser, on your machine, will ever store any private details about you, and it will be up to you to decide which sites you share that with. Today at Kynetx Impact Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, Kynetx made that much more a reality with a new browser extension that runs off the Kynetx platform.

I’ve shared here several plugins that were written with Kynetx platform. There was my “like button for Twitter” extension, which puts Facebook like buttons on your Twitter stream posts. Former Kynetx employee Mike Grace wrote several extensions, such as one that adds the old style retweets to the interface. He wrote a filter to allow me to filter out Tweets on that match certain key terms. Ed Orcutt wrote an extension that shows all the other networks a user belongs to by just hovering over their profile on or and other sites. All these were written on Kynetx platform, and work on almost any browser.

Previously, I had to install a separate browser extension for each one of these. It was a pain to manage! With Kynetx new browser extension, I just install one extension, choose the Kynetx platform apps I want to add, they’re all installed, no other set up necessary. I get all that functionality in one single plugin.

Here’s were it will get powerful though. Now imagine a time where this Kynetx plugin supports Information Cards, or a similar standard. At the moment Kynetx takes you through the Twitter and Facebook authorization processes to access your data on Facebook and Twitter. An auth token from that process gets stored on Kynetx’s servers.

Now, as you go from site to site, your identity will follow you where you go, no login buttons to click, no entering in any id information. Your browser will know who you are and what you like.

Do you like Target? Target could install a Target Kynetx app. All you need to do is have the Kynetx extension installed in your browser, install the app, and now you’ll be seeing experiences Target has set up for you on the websites you visit around the web.

Do you like Facebook? Facebook themselves could be building experiences on top of Twitter and Google using their platform, using the identity you have stored in your browser, bringing your Facebook social graph into those experiences. The kicker is Google and Twitter wouldn’t be able to do anything about it because you, the user, are opting to bring your preferred experience into that environment.

This launch of the Kynetx browser extension, while small in scale, has huge potential for the future of the web. It is not limited to any one browser. It’s not limited to any one site. Now, your identity and preferences follow you around the web, and you get to decide what that experience will be.

To try it out, play with some of the apps at – the extension automatically installs when you try to install any of the apps. If you’re a developer, try out their platform and create an app for your own users which follows them around the web. The possibilities are endless! I admit this has gotten me using a lot more. With Kynetx, the Twitter inteface, and the web in general, is my platform as a developer, no new APIs to learn.

3 thoughts on “Kynetx Kicks off the Web With No Log in Button With New Browser Extension

  1. Yes, by installing the Kynetx Browser eXtention (KBX) you will be able to then add/remove Kynetx Browser applications without the need to install them as separate browser extension. One of the benefits to this approach is that once you have several Browser applications installed, by simply installing the KBX in another browser you will have all of your Browser applications available to you immediately. Without the need to repeat the installation process for each Browser application.

    In addition, for applications like PersonalBlock, the list of domains that you have blocked while using the Browser application on one computer/browser, will be available on other computers/browsers that you have installed the KBX. In essence your preferences will follow you.

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