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Come Learn the Secrets to Facebook Integration at Facebook Success Summit 2010

FBML’s dead. I’m saying it right here (and yes, I wrote the book).  Facebook recently announced that they are moving away from FBML and more towards iFrame-based applications and Social Plugins for integration on your website and internal hosted applications.  Does this mean the Static FBML app is going away?  What will you be able to do in order to customize your Facebook presence both on and off Facebook with these newly announced changes?

On October 26 from 2:30pm to 3:30pm Pacific I’m going to be speaking at Mike Stelzner and Social Media Examiner‘s Facebook Success Summit.  The Summit is packed with superstars in the Facebook world such as InsideFacebook’s Justin Smith, Mari Smith, “the Pied Piper of Facebook”, ProBlogger‘s Darren Rowse, Brian Solis, author of “Engage”, Paul Dunay and others including major Brand managers for brands like Intel, Cisco, and Xbox (too bad we’re not on a panel – would be a good discussion).  All the speakers have real world experience making people very successful using Facebook as a major tool in their arsenal.

My topic is going to be “From Fishers to Farmers – Bringing Your Brand to Your Customers Using Social Technologies”.  I’ll be covering all the tools you need to both “Fish where the fish are”, and then bring those customers back to your brand by building “Your Farm” on your own turf.  We’ll discuss Social Plugins, custom tabs, and maybe even geek out a little with some new and interesting stuff you can do on your own website and on Facebook itself to integrate actual technology to empower you as a marketer.

I’m excited to present in October – judging on previous events by Social Media Examiner this will likely prove to be one of the highlights in Social Media-related conferences for you to attend.  I hope you can add this to your calendar and at a minimum come see me talk about some of the most important things you can do as a marketer, spoken by a true Geek who understands this stuff.  Check with the company you work for – it’s all virtual so there aren’t any travel or hotel costs to worry about.  It’s very worth your company’s time and money to send you to this.

You can sign up here, or on the link on the right of this blog.  I do get a commission on anybody who signs up through this site (I’m not getting paid for the conference), so please use these links and send others through here if you can.  Can’t wait to see you there!

Here’s a great video by Michael Stelzner, founder of the Conference, introducing the Conference:

4 thoughts on “Come Learn the Secrets to Facebook Integration at Facebook Success Summit 2010

  1. So will it be too late and useless to learn FBML essentials? im not sure whats the time span of FBML's life but its kinda too short to be killed… if thats the case off-course!

  2. Moe, I'm guessing it will be gone in the next 6 months.

    As for my book, some of the basic app set up and fundamentals still apply,

    but the FBML will not apply as soon as Facebook kills FBML.

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