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It has been probably 20 years since I last visited Hawaii.  On April 29 through May 1 I’ll be joining my Hawaiian friends at Next Level Hawaii in a weekend of Social Media goodness, and the best of strategies surrounding Social Technology.  My friends, Aaron Brazell (@technosailor), Micah Baldwin (@micah), and Chris Pirillo (@chrispirillo) will also be speaking.  I’m also excited to meet Geoff Livingston (@geoffliving), a well known D.C.-based blogger and PR Guru.

I was around 10 or 11 years old the last (and first) time I visited Hawaii.  My Dad grew up there, and my memories are still very fond of the area, based on my own experiences and my Dad’s stories from when he was a child in Hawaii (my Grandfather helped with the movie, Johnny Lingo, for those familiar with it).  I will always remember how welcoming the people were, even from just those memories of when I visited as a child.  That’s why I jumped on the opportunity to speak when invited.  I can’t wait to visit again and meet many of my Hawaiian readers and followers, as well as some of you I have met at conferences on the mainland USA.

My talk will have the title, “From Fishers to Farmers: Using Social Technologies on your own website to Engage, Build Traffic, and Spread Word about your Brand or Product”, and I hope to explain some of the benefits of technologies such as Facebook Connect and Twitter’s @Anywhere, as well as Google’s Friend Connect, when building a brand website.  I can’t wait to meet each of you and share this topic near and dear to my heart.  I’ll have another announcement on this blog very shortly surrounding this exact subject.

So if you’re in or around Honolulu, or you just want an excuse to get away (I hear it’s beautiful this time of year), please register here and come see me!  If you see me at the conference, please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and say hi.

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