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Please Do Twitter a Favor and Join SocialToo

Today we announced on the SocialToo blog that we’ve enabled our phishing protection for all 60,000+ SocialToo users (and many, many more to come). This project means a lot to me, as it means the more people that use it, the fewer phishing DMs will be received, links won’t be clicked, passwords won’t be shared, and accounts won’t be compromised. The more I can help prevent this from happening, I think the better for the web in general.

In total, SocialToo has blocked near 200,000 total spam DMs sent to our users, and over 25,000 of those were malicious, phishing, and trapped automatically by our filters. 5,000 of those were just since enabling it on all accounts. That’s 25,000 dms that could have been collecting your Twitter credentials, could have compromised your account, and could have spread further by compromising your account. This service is powerful.

The service gets enabled automatically for any user that just logs in with their Twitter credentials at Of course, I’d love it if you tried our other features, set up some filters, maybe tracked who followed you and stopped following you the previous day on Twitter, but more than anything I want you to help the web in general by eradicating these pesky dms! Each dm we detect gets deleted from your Twitter account, often before you can see it in your favorite Twitter client, doesn’t get sent in our DM e-mails (found on your Filters page), and a message is sent on your behalf to @spam also notifying Twitter of the compromised account.

Please, if you haven’t had reason to join SocialToo yet, now is the time. This is your opportunity to, just by logging in, help make Twitter a cleaner place. Be sure to check out Louis Gray’s experience with this service on his blog – I think he too has had similar experience in seeing the success of having this enabled.

Oh, and stay tuned, other than this and our new design launch, we’ve got some more really big news coming tomorrow that I think you’re going to really like.

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4 thoughts on “Please Do Twitter a Favor and Join SocialToo

  1. Heyo Jesse!

    Just a heads up, me and my partner Tyler (mostly his techo stream loving mania) have decided to shift gears and open our data processing pipeline to all Internet streams/feeds (push/pull) as we move away from a single service architecture (twitter). With that in mind do you have plans for extending SocialToo to more open architectures (distributed social nodes)? I only ask because this is the way I see a large body of the web going down the road, although we have to be careful to maintain as much relevance as possible from each service.

    Keep on trucking, hoping all your master plans come to fruition 🙂

  2. Gotcha.

    There's a major issue of relevance as we move outside twitter to a multitude of networks. We're working towards a discovery portal (somewhat like a Cascaad mashup with Cadmus/Cliqset).

    Since we don't have many users/customers we're pretty loose with design changes. The only “customer” we have is the ad widget (which isn't paying the bills yet). Do you feel a gravity to lock you into certain directions with the presence of paying subscribers?

  3. It's not a matter of being locked in – it's just there's not anything of
    value right now that we have to open up. We're just not in a position where
    that would be beneficial to anyone. If someone wants something we offer in
    an open format I'm open to considering it though.

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