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Paypal Pays Off With Paypal X Innovate Conference

Paypal X Innovate 2009Paypal has spent awhile now planning a conference for developers which they would be able to announce their new Paypal X developer platform for flexible payments.  I’ve talked to Sudha Jamthe, in charge of many of their social media promotion efforts for awhile now, and I know they’ve really been looking forward to this event.  I must say their planning and preparation for this event have truly “paid off”, as audience reaction has been spectacular, many stating on Twitter that the event was one of the best events they’ve ever attended, others saying it was “one for the record books”.  I must agree.

Internet problems yesterday aside (today seems to be a little better), Paypal has aimed to please.  Starting off with some amazing keynotes and announcements of an incredible flexible payments platform for developers showcasing some amazing companies that have implemented this platform, it just didn’t stop there!  Paypal continued to impress, offering every developer at the event a free Eee PC Netbook.  The internet quickly went down from additional traffic. 🙂

The event was filled to the brim with snacks, food, drinks, and things to feed developers brains as they would think of the next big idea utilizing the Paypal X developer platform.  Freebies were everywhere.  Sessions included all kinds of howtos and tutorials on how to implement the platform.

Then, concluding the event, an amazing party ensued full of speed painters, dancing, music, “Stomp”-like performers, drinks, food, and more.  Audience members and attendees were able to truly build connections with each other.  They were treated like royalty, and their brains and stomachs were fed.

Paypal has done an amazing job at this conference.  It’s something that many, including myself will remember for years to come.  Thank you, Paypal, for allowing me the opportunity to come out and be a part of this amazing experience.  I hope there are many more to come and others will also be able to experience this in the future.  Paypal truly understands that developers are the “X” factor in their product.  I’m stoked to see what I can do with it.

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