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Make Your Blog Real-Time Now With the rssCloud Plugin

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I just posted about the integration of rssCloud on blogs, something that Matt Mullenweg confirmed, and can be enabled on any blogs right now.  About a minute after that post I discovered there is also a plugin for self-hosted blogs like Scoble’s and mine, written by Utah local and Automattic employee Joseph Scott.  I enabled it immediately, making this one of the very first rssCloud enabled blogs on the internet.  It should work if not now, very soon with Dave Winer’s River2 RSS client, and hopefully soon with other Aggregators that choose to support the rssCloud protocol.

I chatted briefly with Joseph after discovering he was the author, and the install is simple.  He says there’s no configuration necessary, and it essentially makes your blog an rssCloud Cloud Server out of the box when you activate it.  Install was a cinch – simply download the plugin, extract it into your plugins directory (or via the wordpress admin), and then click “Activate” under your Plugins.  That’s it!  You’re now enabled.

So go download it and your blog will be rssCloud ready.  I really believe this is the future.  And if you want Google Reader and FriendFeed support, you can also download the WP SUP plugin for WordPress to deliver real-time updates to those sources.  The great thing about it is you can use both! So go download River2 and get each new post the moment it is posted when you subscribe to!

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