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Meet My Baby

This is my Baby, no, not that baby. My Ford F-150 is my other baby, and my brother shot this for @MarinaMartin’s Elastic Labs. They hire amateur and professional videographers to shoot clips like this, and pay them for the clips they shoot, which then get used as advertisement on sites like Vehix (if I understand the deal correctly). My brother is a great videographer and if you need someone to shoot video for your event or party he’s the guy to do it – he currently lives in Las Vegas, but I’m sure could travel anywhere if you need his services.

In the video, I talk about my favorite accessory, the Monster iCruze
. It’s a fully integrated device, that sells for about $100, which allows you to control your iPod through the controls on your Factory stereo dashboard controls. Unfortunately, it only supports older iPod models and doesn’t support the iPhone, but if you can afford a cheap 40-60Gb older iPod model it works great, and makes a great alternative for a CD changer, which you can sync with iTunes on your computer. In case you don’t know, I’m the second guy in the video. Ironically, my truck isn’t white – they edited that in, I guess because my baby doesn’t look good enough for them. I see how it is, Vehix. Here’s the video:

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The License plate of my truck? “SOCIAL”

You can hire my brother through his website, Tripod Productions.

6 thoughts on “Meet My Baby

  1. Personally, I don't see the appeal of these huge-sized vehicles…at least now that gas prices are lower, ya'll will have an easier time filling them up =)

  2. It's incredibly convenient when I have things I or friends need to haul.
    Also, during the winter the 4×4 in such a large vehicle makes for very nice
    driving, especially in the mountains. And hey, I'm a Texan at heart – I
    wouldn't be if I didn't own a truck! 🙂

  3. I pray to god these prices stay lower for a long time as recession has not spared a single guy in here!

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