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Stay N’ Alive – The Cure for the Common… Heart Attack?

SaturdayNightFever_300x298.pngAccording to a study by the University of Illinois medical school published on, this very blog could be the cure to anyone suffering a heart attack. Okay, maybe not this blog, but the song that inspired the blog, which became popular the year I was born, “Stayin’ Alive“, from the movie, “Saturday Night Fever” and sung by the Bee Gees.

According to the study, the song, at a perfect 103 beats per minute, is the perfect rhythm in which to perform CPR. Studies show that those people that use the song to help establish a rhythm for chest compressions had a much better chance at hitting the perfect rhythm to saving a life than those who did not. The American Heart Association has actually been using this song as a tip to those studying CPR for 2 years, according to CNN.

So, the next time you are out there, saving the world and saving lives, think of this blog (without the “i”), and most importantly the song, Stayin’ Alive (with the “i”) and you could very well save a life! Who says this blog doesn’t save lives?

You can purchase Stayin’ Alive on iTunes here: Bee Gees - Saturday Night Fever (The Original Movie Soundtrack) [Remastered] - Stayin' Alive

I highly recommend the N’ Trance version though: N-Trance - The Best of N-Trance 1992-2002 - Stayin' Alive

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  1. It means listening to music is good for heart? Song Stayin’ Alive is so helpful to heart patients.Thanks for posting such an article.

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