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What an Amazing Week in Donations for Serenity!

2535995696_c9c5c74ee9.pngIn just the last week, you have raised $3,230.97 for @Phil801 and @Mrs801’s 2 year old daughter, Serenity. I can’t tell you how amazed I am at the generosity and power of the Social web in raising such funds. There is still much more we can do. Obviously, I had set a goal for $10,000 for today, and perhaps I was a little too ambitious, but I was also in San Francisco for over half this week and wasn’t able to pay as much attention to it as I would have liked to.

I’m going to keep the goal at $10,000 and change the date to Wednesday. Here is how I think we can do it. If you go to this page:


I would like you to find the Social Networks you are involved with and post the widget to each one you feel comfortable with. When you add the widget, please send a personalized message about Serenity and the Burns Family, mention that they are on Twitter and other Social Networks. People will donate when they are aware we’re all a part of the same community.

If you have a business or blog you can offer help through – match funds, offer a percent of proceeds to Serenity, or whatever, please don’t hesitate to let me know. The ways to donate are all listed here and if we need to do anything special to help promote your cause or get it set up for you don’t hesitate to ask. (Note that we have also added an Amazon wishlist on the sidebar which the Burns Family has put items needed that you can buy for the cause of Serenity if you would prefer not to donate cash)

I just want to share that as Tyler Jensen was setting up the bank account for the Burns family last week he was sharing the story of Serenity with an old Lady in Line. Out of pure generosity and compassion for this little girl, that kind old lady that didn’t even know him gave Tyler $5 to put in the Bank Account Tyler was setting up. There have been many donations like that, and any little amount helps.

Phil tells me that just his last trip to get medicine cost him over $500. This is not going to be a cheap year for the Burns family – let’s all work together to help them out.

UPDATE: You can also add it to your Facebook profile by clicking on this link:


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