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CrunchGear – That was Uncalled For

I’ve been straying away from mentioning religion on my blog for awhile. Partly because I deal with so many religions on a daily basis through my Catholic Facebook Application, Baptist Facebook Application, and recently sold LDS Application. I love religion, and have grown to respect all religions as I strive to make this business model flourish. Each religion has its own identity and culture, and everyone within that religion appreciates that religion as part of their lives. A Religion one belongs to is a part of that individual, something they can’t easily part from, and will stay with them to the end, whether they remain a part of it or not. There are true, sincere human beings within these religions!

CrunchGear, TechCrunch, and the Mike Arrington crew crossed the line yesterday in a bigoted article that defies and offends many of the culture Mormons and I would say even other religions and cultures hold dear. The article can be found here.

I don’t care what religion or culture you belong to (See phil801’s post where he compares their comments to “the gay person that’s interviewing after you”). I don’t care if you belong to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster for all I care. You were brought up in that religion or culture, you accepted that culture as part of your life. You love the religion or culture you are in and it is personal to you.

Now, imagine if instead of “magic underwear”, Devin and the crew at Crunch Gear were making fun of the “magic crucifix” that Catholics wear, or the “magic prayers” Evangelicals give to each other, or the “magic Turbans” Siekh’s wear, or the “magic yarmulke” that Jewish men wear, or the “magic Burqa” Islamic women wear. These are all very respectable symbols to their religion, part of their identity and culture that CrunchGear is making fun of by posting this interview. This interview is a symbol towards bigotry in America and we shouldn’t stand for it.

Michael Arrington and CrunchGear, I suggest an apology to the Mormons, and removal of the anti-Mormon comments on your blog. I don’t care if Penn Jillette or you guys started it. The fact is you have chosen to post an interview that is blatently bigoted towards a single faith on your site which has nothing to do with religion! As a religious person, or human being in general, I will be unsubscribing from CrunchGear, TechCrunch, abstaining from voting for the Crunchies altogether, and disassociating myself with any of the TechCrunch network. I hope my readers will as well until this is resolved.

(2008-1-11) UPDATE: Please join the Facebook Group, “Boycott TechCrunch!” here:

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