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GrandCentral Invites

GrandCentral just gave me 5 more invites. I think I figured out a good way to make this work. If you want an invite, comment below, and say “I want one”. Then, once you have received one, edit your comment and say “Got it!”. Your only responsibility for participating this and saying “I want one” is to give invites to at least 5 people above you (you get 10 invites). I will give out my remaining 4 to the first 4 that say “I want one” – don’t say it though unless you’re willing to give 5 of yours to the top 5 saying “I want one” in the list. Also, don’t forget to edit and say “Got it!” when you get your invites (or your bound to get spammed to death). Oh, and if you post this on Digg, Reddit, etc. give me fair warning so I can prepare for the traffic. 🙂

UPDATE: Since only I can see your e-mail addresses, it might help if you include some way for others to send you the invite. I’m not quite sure the safest way to do this – maybe just say “I want one”, followed by your e-mail address in “dot com” spelled format – or you could put your e-mail address in backwards, just choose a way spammers won’t be able to easily detect it, if you’re worried about that.

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  1. Hey guys/gals…. i'm looking for an invite ivaldez at gmail dot com
    thanks in advance. looking forward to the conversation!

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